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Festive Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Hairstyles at Weddings
Rachel Bilson’s playful feminine hairstyle with braids looks great anywhere. It is the perfect style for a wedding celebration.
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  • There is hardly a better occasion than a wedding to activate your creativity and style, to create your most convivial look. Naturally, centre stage must belong to the newlyweds. We suggest playful and festive hairstyles, which are fit for the celebration but do not steal the show from the bride and groom.

    Most young couples plan their wedding style, their attire and hairstyles a long time in advance, while wedding guests are more spontaneous about their appearances. Still, the festive character and style of a wedding are important considerations made by wedding guests when choosing what to wear and how to style their hair.  We want to help you find the right style.

  • Beautiful Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

    Perfect hairstyles for wedding guests reflect the festive nature and style of the event; however they should not dominate the day. On the practical side, wedding celebrations last a few hours and your hairstyle should not give up its spark midway through the reception. With the help of our hairstyle suggestions you can meet all these requirements. The hairstyle choices include wavy or sleek hair, artful bobs and festive updos with hair accessories and jewellery.

    Stars and celebrities frequently attend galas and other events, including weddings. Many have their hair styled by professionals, allowing them to have an endless source of hairstyle ideas for various occasions.  In our photo above, Rachel Bilson demonstrates how to wear pretty and casual beach waves with added braid elements.

    You may find your next styling idea for a festive occasion in our gallery. Armin Morbach also demonstrates how to style three different chignon versions in his video below.

  • Video: How to Style Three Different Chignon Versions

  • Gallery: Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

    Hairstyles at Weddings: Nicole Kidman

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    Hairstyles for Wedding Guests: Asymmetric Braided Hairstyle

    Nicole Kidman’s romantic and playful hairstyle is ideal for wedding guests. The styling is quick and easy.


    Instructions: Create a side parting, take the larger section of hair and form a French braid towards the opposite side of the head along the neckline. Once you have completed the braid take the opposite smaller section of hair and twist it behind the ear. Gather the ends of each section together, securing them in place behind the ear with a hair band. You may like to hide the hair band underneath a pretty ribbon.

    Hairstyles at Weddings: Jessica Biel

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    Hairstyles for Wedding Guests: Faux Bob

    Jessica Biel’s hair has been waved and pulled to one side, bringing it together in faux bob. On one side of the head the hair is sleeked back, while the other falls in large waves. Many variations of this hairstyle can be created with different hair accessories and jewellery, providing countless ways to show your creativity.  

    Instructions: To create the faux bob, create a low side parting gather the hair into a side ponytail securing, it with a hair band. Then pull the hair band to the end of the ponytail and fold the end of the ponytail underneath the rest of the hair. Secure with hair grips. Use hairspray to keep it in place.

    Hairstyles at Weddings: Julianne Hough

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    Hairstyles for Wedding Guests: Twirled Hair with Quiff

    American actress Julianne Hough is known for her eye-catching hairstyles. Her twirled hairdo with quiff is a cool, festive, alternative look that could be worn by wedding guests.  The hair grips in the back of her head secure the twirls and serve as an unusual style element.

    Instructions: Start by creating a side parting. Then take a 4 inch -wide section of hair above the forehead and keep it separate to the rest of your hair while you style it . Style the hair on the back of your head first. Apply styling mousse to your hair and twirl small sections individually and secure to the back of your head individually. (There is no need to hide the hair grips, as they form part of the style.) Now you are ready to style the separated hair above the forehead. Roll this section of hair onto a large roller or use curling tongs. This gives this front hair the needed bounce and volume. The front hair is then styled into a quiff and the ends are combined with the twirls on the back of the head and held in place with a hair grip.

    Hairstyles at Weddings: Jessica Lowndes

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    Hairstyles for Wedding Guests: Sleek Ponytail

    Sleek ponytail variations show no sign of going out of style. Jessica Lowndes demonstrates how well this elegant hairstyle is suited for wedding guests.

    Instructions: Create a middle parting and comb your hair straight. Gather the straight hair into a ponytail at the back of the neck and secure it with a hair band. A small section of hair is then pulled out of the ponytail and wrapped around the ponytail base. For the alluring shimmer you may want to distribute hair wax in the palms of your hand and apply to your hair or alternatively use extra-gloss hairspray.