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Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Frisuren
This Lena Hoschek model certainly captures the style of the Mexican Day of the Dead
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Not everybody likes to dress up as a witch, vampire or bat for Halloween. We have stylish alternatives for you if you want to celebrate the Night of the Dead - why not show a different side of yourself!  The models and stars in our gallery show you dark and spooky getups for the ghostly festivities on October 31st.

  • Creativity is the motto for any fancy dress costume and nobody can complain about a lack of inspiration for Halloween looks. A proper Halloween look should be dark, ghoulish, and above all, scary! But there is room for playful feminine edge where the dark spirits live. Our line-up of stars and models leave no doubt about this part of the Halloween fun.

  • Halloween Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks

  • Halloween-Frisuren
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    Halloween is the time when you can go all out and use forgotten or unusual styles and tricks. 

    1. Nets: Sadly, nets are rarely used in fashion today, but this makes nets all the more suitable for Halloween. The simple eye-catching accessory can cover the hair, the face or both (see the photo on the left and in our gallery).

    2. Volume: Extreme hair volume always looks extravagant, making this style perfect for Halloween. Whether you wear curls, an over-sized quiff or an updo, fright-night is the time for extremes! For extra volume boost, try adding a volumising powder to the roots.

    3. Make-up: Make-up can dramatically transform your look even when it’s not Halloween, so think what costume make up can do! Eyes framed in a wide circle with very dark eye make-up set the right tone. Tip: Extend the top eyelid liner well beyond the lid and upward to create cat eyes. You may like to intensify the look by applying black, dark brown, grey or red eye shadow up to your eyebrows. Of course ghostly white complexions work well on Halloween. Plenty of light make-up or white stage make-up can help to create this effect. Finishing off with dark red lips can complete the ghostly image.

    Half updos with dramatically piled up big hair can help to complete your haunting Halloween look. In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach explains how to create such a haunting Halloween hairstyle in just a few steps.

  • Video: How to Create a half up-do Hairstyle

  • Gallery: Halloween Hairstyles

    Halloween Hairstyles: Junya Watanabe

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Eerie Style with Net

    The hair net adds strange twist to the haunting look of the Junya Watanabe model.

    Directions: Gather your hair into a ponytail. Then hang your head upside down to put on a hair net. Allow your hair to fall in any direction it wants to go underneath the hair net. The look also works with medium long hair.

    Halloween Hairstyles: Marc Jacobs

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Sweet and Scary Curls

    These curls teamed with a floral head band may look sweet at first, but with the make-up and stern expression, it gives this model for Marc Jacobs a dark edge.

    Directions: Blow-dry your hair until it is almost dry and work curling mousse through your hair. Next, roll onto thin curlers starting at about ear level - you could also use a thin curling iron. Allow your hair to cool and completely dry. Spray the hair with hairspray before taking out the curlers if they have been used. Finally, brush your hair into shape

    Halloween Hairstyles: Marc Jacobs

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Cool and Twisted

    The inspiration for any hairstyle can be taken from your make-up and outfit, and here is a perfect example. The white complexion paired with dark red lips and eyes instantly turn this look ghostly! The look was created by Marc Jacobs for the Louis Vuitton fashion house.

    Directions: Comb the hair until it is very smooth and apply a small amount of hair wax evenly through all of the hair. Create a side parting and separate a section of hair from the top and front of your head and pull forward and temporarily fix the hair on the side. Form inverted roles on both sides, which go all the way around to the back of the neck. You can secure these rolls with hidden hair grips as needed. Pull the front and top section of hair across the face to create a sweeping fringe. Secure the hair roles and side fringe at the back of your neck and apply hairspray for extra hold.

    Halloween Hairstyles: Fendi

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Playful Big Hair

    We found this Fendi model with eye-catching hairstyle and make-up backstage. The hair is back combed, piled up high and covered with a net.

    Directions: Section off the top of the hair and back comb the entire section. Spray with hairspray to create even more volume. Smooth the top hair over the back combed section and cover with a net. The creative eye make-up extends beyond the eyebrows to give a real Halloween twist.

    Halloween Hairstyles: Junya Watanabe

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Pink and Otherworldly

    Black make-up gives the eyes a hollow appearance and the hair is coloured sticky pink. This model shows a look created by the Japanese designer Junya Watanabe.

    Directions: Distribute hair wax, gel or hairspray in your hair and cover it with non-permanent colouring powder. Alternatively, you may prefer using gel to style a pink wig to wear on Halloween

    Halloween Hairstyles: Fendi

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    Halloween Hairstyle: Tousled and held with an head band

    Create a simple but very dramatic look with a blood-red spiked head band in the tousled hair along with wide dark shadows around the eyes. We love this Halloween idea by the hairstylist for Fendi and put the idea in our notebook.

    Directions: Partition off the front and top part of your hair, and back comb the section of hair behind this at the back of your head. Gather the remaining hair into a loose high ponytail. Fold the high ponytail under and secure the end of the ponytail with hidden hair grips. Cover the base of the ponytail with the front and top hair that was sectioned off and hold this in place with a head band. Depending on how long your hair is, you may like to use some more hair grips to secure the hair in place.