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Fresh New Updo Ideas

Say goodbye to austere looking updos! Willa Holland (The O.C.) is a perfect example, her loosely gathered hair enhances her youthful radiance.
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Updos are popular for any occasion, whether you’re attending an event or casually meeting friends. If wearing a ponytail seems too casual or an elegant chignon doesn’t quite fit, you might like to try Willa Holland’s look; the modern, casual updo.

  • Updos can be creative, fresh and they’re also easy to style. You can add your own personal accents including twists, twirls, braids and accessories - there is no end to personal expression.

  • Twirling Your Hair into an Updo

    Actress Willa Holland integrated twirled hair elements at the back of her head. With minimal effort, you might like to take inspiration from Willa. With a few twists and twirls in your updo, it can change your look.

    Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to create Willa Holland’s hairstyle.

  • Instructions: How to Style the Willa-Holland Updo

  • Updos
    Willa Holland looks gorgeous, with her almost undone updo.
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    1. For ease of styling work a hazelnut-sized amount of styling mousse through your hair.

    2. Create a side parting and then separate two 3 to 4 inch wide sections of hair from the front of the head on either side of the parting (these sections will be styled last).

    3. Gather the remaining hair at the back of your head and taking large and small sections of hair, twist them round on themselves. Secure the twists at the back of your head with hair grips (until all the hair is up).

    4. Smooth and twist the two sections of hair (separated earlier) on either side of your head, securing them underneath the twists at the back of the head with more hair grips.

    5. Pull a few sections of hair free to emphasise the undone style.

    6. Finally, apply hairspray for extra hold.

    Would you prefer to braid rather than twirl your hair? Be inspired by our gallery, we’ve picked our favourite modern updos. Styling instructions are included if you want to try one of the stylish updos.

  • Gallery: Fresh New Updos with Styling Instructions

    Updos: Cobie Smulders

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    Modern Updos: Twirled Updo

    Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) has styled her hair in a twisted chignon. The accurate side parting is a contrast from the other styling elements and adds an elegant flair to the updo.

    Styling: Apply a small amount of styling mousse to your hair to help styling. Create a straight side parting and follow the first three steps in Willa Hollands style above. Instead of twisting the separated sections either side of the parting, create small individual braids. Bring the braids to the back of the head, securing with hair grips. Apply hairspray for the extra hold.

    Updos: Amber Heard

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    Modern Updos: Big Hair with Quiff

    The quiff makes Amber Heard’s big-hair updo glamorous and fresh.

    Styling: Apply volumising powder to your roots and use your finger tips to add instant root volume. Set aside a wide section of hair above the forehead, this will be used later to create a quiff. Tease the rest of your hair using a styling comb to add height and then gather into a high ponytail using a scrunchy (or hair donut). Loosely tuck the hair ends under the srunchy/donut and secure with hidden hair grips. Now back comb the section of hair above the forehead and use it to create a quiff at the front of your head. Secure with hidden hair grips. Finally, apply hairspray for extra hold.

    Updos: Dianna Agron

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    Modern Updos: Romantic Updo with Alice Band

    You may know Dianna Agron the rebellious cheerleader turned outcast Quinn Fabray, from the US American TV series 'Glee'. Recently, she has grown her hair long, allowing her to experiment with various updos. She likes to use hair accessories to give these updos a playful note. In our photo she looks particularly young with the Alice band holding her hair back.

    Styling: Create a middle parting and gather your hair into a loose low ponytail. Now twist the ponytail into a casual chignon and secure it with hidden hair grips. Pull out a few sections of hair at the side and use a curling tong to create soft waves. Finally, finish the look off with an Alice band to hold the hair back.

    Updos: Kate Mara

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    Modern Updos: Ponytail with Twist

    Actress Kate Mara had long, brown hair, however recently she’s been seen with a long blonde bob. Her hair is still long enough for many of the modern updos. Above she has twirled a section of hair on one side before she gathered it into a low ponytail.

    Styling: Use styling powder to make your hair more manageable. Loosely gather your hair into a low ponytail (leaving two sections either side of your head). Take one of the sections on the side of your head and twist it outwards before adding it to the ponytail, repeat with the other section of hair. Apply hairspray for the required hold.

    Updos: Julianne Hough

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    Modern Updos: Chignon with Braided Hair Element

    Actress Julianne Hough is known for her inventive hairstyles. Here, she turned her classic chignon into an eye-catching work of art.

    Styling: Hang your head upside down and apply hair wax in the area you intend to create the braid element (the lower back of the head). Start French braiding your hair at the nape of your neck and finish with a regular braid. Combine the rest of the hair and the braid to form a loose chignon, securing with hidden hair grips.

    Updos: Rooney Mara

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    Modern Updos: Low Chignon with Side Parting

    We have taken a fancy to Rooney Mara’s style ever since she stepped into the role of hacker Lisbeth Salander in the movie version of Stieg Larsson’s book, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', wearing tar-black hair with a very short fringe. Here we see her with a low chignon and side parting. Either way, she looks stylish and elegant.

    Styling: Distribute a small amount of extra-gloss gel through your hair and create a deep side parting. Tautly comb your hair back into a low chignon and secure with hidden hair grips, apply hairspray for extra hold.

  • In his video tutorial with step by step instructions, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to create updos.

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