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2012 Hairstyles in Cannes

Cannes hair styles
Gemma Arterton showed her style wearing an artful updo reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot in Cannes
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Our eyes certainly had feast days at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. We admired artful updos in all variations and colours; we delighted in upbeat, young-looking braids and fell for romantic twirled hairstyles. You may like to give the hairstyle of Sarah Gadon and other stars a whirl. Have fun using our styling tips to create these beautiful Cannes hairstyles

  • Hair was casually styled or braided before it was pinned down or up this year in Cannes. The hair stylists in Cannes were seemingly set on creating undone looking hairdos to withstand any storm. This may have had the slightest bit to do with the severe weather plaguing the opening of the film festival at the French Riviera this year. Strong wind gusts are known to completely destroy exacting hairstyles. The casual undone look on the other hand absorbs a little more disorder with nonchalant ease.

  • Undone Was Well-Done in Cannes

    The hairstyles of actresses at this year's Cannes Film Festival attracted the undivided attention of many photographers who captured the amazing hairstyles from all sides. Sarah Gadon's young-looking crown braid was certainly very easy on the eyes. The look certainly got her noticed. Gemma Arterton's updo with giant waves seemingly added inches to her height. Not even Paz Vegas' rich casual chignon could steal much attention from the classic beauty of her face. However, the styling added a down-to-earth note to her otherwise elegant appearance. The actresses impressed with a lot of style in Cannes this year. They carried off the undone look beautifully.

  • Styling Instructions: Gemma Arterton's Cannes Hairstyle

    This year, the British actress Gemma Arterton ("Prince of Persia", "RocknRolla") opted for an updo with giant waves.

    1. Work volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair. Then blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Brush your hair before parting it low on one side. Now gather your hair in a high ponytail in the upper back of your head.

    2. Tease the ponytail using a comb and separate it into three strands.

    3. Fold the lower of the three ponytail strands under and down; secure this part of the chignon with hairpins.

    4. Pull each of the two remaining ponytail strands forward while shaping it into a giant wave. Use hairpins and hairspray to keep these giant waves in place and in shape.

    In our photo gallery, we show you more stars and their Cannes hairstyles. Hopefully, our styling tips inspire you to try these beautiful hair creations.

  • Gallery: 2012 Hairstyles of the Stars in Cannes

    Cannes Hair Styles: Petra Nemkova

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    Hairstyles in Cannes: Petra Nemkova

    This is the way Jessica Chastain's hairstyle looks with straight hair and two hair strands taken from the top front of her head, which are not twirled around

    Cannes Hair Styles: Virginie Ledoyen

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    Hairstyles in Cannes: Virginie Ledoyen

    Virginie Ledoyen ("Farewell, My Queen") swept her hair to one side.


    Styling: Work styling mousse through your almost dry hair. Use a curling iron or rollers to create wavy hair if your hair is naturally straight. Then blow-dry your hair and allow it to cool. Take the rollers out of your hair and part it on one side. On the side with the parting, comb your hair smoothly to the scalp. A little gel or wax keeps fly-away hair in check. Pin the hair crosswise along the centre back from the top of your head to the nape of your neck. Allow the hair opposite the parting to fall over your shoulder

    Cannes Hair Styles: Sarah Gadon

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    Hairstyles in Cannes: Sarah Gadon

    In Cannes, Sarah Gadon ("Cosmopolis") wore a girl's crown braid all the way around her head.


    Styling: Create a short side parting and separate a thin wide strand of hair next to it. Now start to French-braid your hair by working thin strands of hair into the braid. Always pull the new thin strand up. Keep braiding your hair with uniform tension. Braid from the side parting across the forehead and around to the neck, and then all the way around. Keep going until all hair is braided. Secure the end of the braid using a scrunchy before carefully hiding it underneath the braid.


    There is a quick and simple alternative if you have problems with the crown braid. Simply gather your hair in a low ponytail and braid it. Then position the braid around your head leaving a little space between hairline and braid. Secure the braid with bobby pins

    Cannes Hair Styles: Paz Vega

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    Hairstyles in Cannes: Paz Vega

    Spanish actress Paz Vega ("Spanglish") gathered her long dark hair to a simple undone looking bun in her neck.


    Styling: Create a side parting and loosely gather your hair in the neck. The tousled side hair is allowed to partly cover the ears. Twist the ponytail in your neck around its axis until it twists into a bun. Secure the bun using bobby pins and hairspray

  • The chignon is one of the most popular hairdos for red-carpet events. In his video, Armin Morbach shows how to create three different variations of the chignon

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