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Chic Styling Trend – Beautiful Braids

Dirndl Styles
Entwine the traditional and modern by weaving a colourful ribbon into your braid.
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This year, Marie Claire celebrated their first Women At The Top Awards, honouring ten incredible women who have made an impact in their respective fields, from fashion to technology, art to politics. Schwarzkopf were on hand to style the winners ready to step into the spotlight to accept their awards and there was definitely one hair styling preference that stood out – braids.

  • Whether you wear a loose plait, a crown braid or add a plaited element to your do, this classic style will look great for any occasion. Either styling it loosely with added volume or sleek and chic, the braid will take you from office to party. This style is so versatile, the final look is up to you!

  • Take a look our gallery for some braid inspiration.

  • Gallery: Beautiful Braids

    Dirndl Styles with Braid and Side Parting

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    Braid with a Side Parting

    Simple, but effective! You can’t go wrong with this casually plaited braid with a side parting. This look is prettiest when the hair is long enough to fall over your shoulder.


    Get the look: Distribute some volumizing styling mousse through damp hair and blow dry using a round brush to add height at the crown. Then, create a deep side parting and sweep the hair over your shoulder. Start a simply plait at the nape of your neck and fix the braid in place with a neutral hair band.


    For a more casual look, rub some volumizing powder between your hands and tease the hair above the plait.

    Dirndl Styles with Waves and Braid Feature

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    Waves and a Braided Element

    Just because you want a braid, it doesn’t mean you have to put all of your hair up. Adding two small plaits at the front of your hair will frame your face. Team this with soft waves for a simple yet elegant look.


    Get the look: Create a centre parting and take two small sections of hair from each side of the face. Begin by French braiding the hair strands against the hairline to ensure they do not fall into your eyes. Once you reach the sides of the head, finish off the plait as usual. Fix into place with a thin hair band. Spray heat protectant through the rest of your hair and, using a curling iron, create loose curls through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Hold the style in place with hairspray.

    Dirndl Styles with Headscarf

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    Braided Hairstyles with a Headscarf

    A floral headscarf works perfectly with a chic braided style. The style is extremely versatile and can be paired with an updo or loose waves with a braid feature. The choice is yours.


    Get the look: Apply some hair oil through your hair before smoothing back into a ponytail and securing with a hair tie. Braid the rest of the hair and secure before twisting it round on itself into a braided chignon. Secure in place with a hair tie and hair grips where necessary. Fold a headscarf into a narrow strip and wind it centrally around your head. Fix with pins to prevent it from slipping off.

    Dirndl Styles with Alice Band

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    Braids with Alice Band

    A tight braid with a centre parting is a classic look. Team it with an Alice band to add a certain something to your style for a look that is perfect for the office.


    Get the look: Create a precise centre parting and smooth your hair for a sleek look. Distribute hair oil through your hair to tame fly-aways. Pull the hair over one shoulder before plaiting the hair tightly. Place the Alice band over the finished style and voila, instant chic.

    Dirndl Styles with Ponytail and Braid Feature

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    Braids combined with a Ponytail

    Add a romantic twist to your usual ponytail by combining it with a braid.


    Get the look: Distribute some volumising mousse through your hair for manageability. Sweep your hair into a quick side parting and take a small section from the front. Plait this small section into a French braid from the hairline to above the ear. Gather together with the rest of your hair and secure in a ponytail at the nape of the neck

  • Beautiful Braids: Accessorise a coiled plait

    Want to experiment with a pretty plait that coils around your head? Try styling a coiled plait intertwined with colourful ribbons (see above) for an elegant up do with a twist.

  • Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Pull your hair back and divide it into two large bunches of equal thickness.

    2. Tie each section into a ponytail at ear level.

    3. Fix two ribbons into each ponytail by winding them around your hair band and knotting them.

    4. Plait each ponytail into a braid, interweaving the ribbons as you go.

    5. Arrange the braid from right to left over the top of your head like an Alice band, and fix into place with hair grips.

    6. Do the same with the braid on the other side (left to right).

    7. Conceal the ends of the braids underneath your new coiled plait and fix the style into place with hairspray.

  • Tip: If your hair is too short for this style, try using a hairpiece and adjust to any style in next to no time.