Trendy Looks 2017

Spring/Summer the Season for Flowers

Paloma Faith looks gorgeous with her flower hair accessory clip and voluminous curls.
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It seems that flowers are everywhere at the moment. From embellished blossoms to printed blooms, designers are making a big feminine fashion statement using lace and floral prints, on the spring/summer runways.

  • Floral prints are nothing new and were very popular back in the Seventies and they’re now seeing a romantic revival. Whilst some designers adorn their models from head-to-toe in floral prints, don’t feel you have to reinvest in a whole new wardrobe to keep up with the trend! A clever way to incorporate the floral style into your look, without breaking the bank, is to wear flowers in your hair.

    From floral crowns to subtle flower touches, read below to see how to achieve this pretty trend. Whether you choose to have a minimalist look or be more over the top, you are guaranteed to look the height of fashion. From roses, tulips and orchids to daffodils and lilies, blossoms decorated in your hair are not just for weddings!

  • Floral Crowns

  • Decorate your hair with a flower crown to create a stylish look, which is not only elegant and pretty but very practical, keeping your hair off your face.

    The floral crown works well whether your hair is long or short, styled up or down. Follow our step by step instructions to create Mischa Barton’s look:

  • Mischa Barton

    1. Wash your hair and roughly blow dry it (remember to always apply heat protectant beforehand).

    2. Create a middle parting and bring the hair back to the nape of your neck.

    3. Create a loose braid by separating the hair in three equal sections. Cross the right section of hair over the middle section (so that it’s now in the middle). Then, cross the left section over the new middle section. Continue, until the braid is complete.

    4. Instead of using a hair tie to secure the braid, use an ample amount of hairspray (only at the end of the braid, where it finishes).

    5. Spray the hair with an oil mist, for a gorgeous shine and finish the look with a pretty flower crown, near your forehead.

    Top Tip: For a gorgeous bohemian look, try wearing the crown with loose flowing curls and middle parting.  

  • The Subtle Floral Touch

  • Floral hair accessories needn’t be extravagant or dramatic, in fact, they can come into their own, when subtly incorporated into your favourite hairstyle. In this case ‘less is more’ and understatement is the buzzword.

    Flower hair accessories are a perfect way to create your own unique twist on a classic hairstyle. Sarah Jessica Parker adds a single flower to her hairstyle, adding an elegant flair. To get this look follow our simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

    1. Apply volumising powder to your roots and use your finger tips to add instant root volume.

    2. Back comb the rest of your hair using a styling comb to add height and gather the hair into a high ponytail.

    3. Pull the ponytail through a large hair donut.

    4. Cover the donut with the hair from the ponytail, tucking the hair ends under, securing with hidden hair grips.

    5. Place a flower clip on one side of the chignon (for a firm hold use more hair grips).

    6. Finally, apply hairspray for extra hold.

    Top Tip: For an easy, quick style leave the hair in a ponytail, securing a flower accessory into your hair tie.

  • Hair accessories are made from all kinds of material and vary in style, from quirky to cute and artistic. Embrace your creative side and do-it-yourself: this trend allows you to experiment! All it takes is a few silk flowers (or real ones!) and thin wire and you’re ready to fashion your very own natural hair jewellery. Otherwise, you can find ready-made flower arrangements and individual blossoms at many of the high street stores across the UK. Experimenting with accessories opens up opportunities to show off your creative and playful side as well as staying on trend. Enjoy!