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Framing Your Face: Hairstyles with Fringes

Christina Ricci's fringes transition smoothly into the longer side hair. The feathery layering ideally complements the straight fringes
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Would you like to change your hairstyle without changing your hair colour or cutting your entire hair? If so, adding fringes to your hairstyle is just the right solution. No other hairstyle change could alter your appearance faster or easier. Happily, there are quite a few ways to style fringes. One of our featured stars may inspire your next fringed hairstyle choice

  • Hairstyles with fringes are always in style. Today, fringes come in many amazing styles. Recently, international designers had their models wear fake fringes while showing off the newest fashion (see the models for Marni and Calvin Klein).

    Fringes may be swept to the side, allowed to cover the forehead straight down to the eyebrows or cut in any style. Whatever the style, fringes are always eye-catching and draw attention to the eyes.

  • Who Looks Good with Fringes?

    Fringes flatter women with small or oblong faces and women with larger foreheads. Fringes shorten the face and in this way harmonise the proportions.

    However, even women with round faces look good with fringes. Long straight fringes and precision-cut fringes with straight edges look pleasing with soft facial lines.

    Tip: Thick long fringes are especially suited for full hair, while shorter fringes are suitable for fine hair. It is best to ask a Schwarzkopf hair stylist to cut your fringes. This professional stylist can advise you on the most suitable fringes for your face.

  • How to Style Fringes?

    Styling your fringes works best after applying a generous dollop of styling mousse. Blow-drying your hair while pulling it over a round brush gives your fringes added bounce and volume, and a dusting of hairspray keeps them from falling flat after a few hours.

  • Video: How to Create a Rockabilly Hairstyle

  • Gallery: Hairstyles with Fringes

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Michelle Monaghan

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Chignon and Voluminous Fringes

    Actress Michelle Monaghan ("Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol") wears her voluminous fringes long. They reach all the way down to her eyes. The fringes look particularly appealing in combination with the chignon on the crown of her head

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Rooney Mara

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Precision-Cut to Medium Length

    Rooney Mara made these precision-cut, medium length fringes famous. She sported these fringes in her role as Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's movie rendition of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy crime novels. The avant-garde haircut ideally showcases her facial proportions

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Beth Behrs

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Long Half-Moon Shaped Fringes

    Actress Beth Behrs ("American Pie Presents: The Book of Love") wears long, half-moon-shaped fringes, which accentuate her oblong face. As you can see, her long fringes look attractive even though her hair is fine. The blonde hairstyle is part of her character in her new sitcom "2 Broke Girls"

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Audrey Tautou

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Short and Irregular

    Audrey Tautou keeps changing her hairstyles from long to short but usually sticks with her fringes. The French actress ("Coco before Chanel") wears her irregular fringes short. The fringes harmoniously enhance her soft facial features and accentuate her expressive eyes

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Maggie Grace

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    Hairstyle with Modified Fringes: The Quiff

    Actress Maggie Grace ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn") hides her fringes in a quiff. The rest of hair falls casually over her shoulders

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Lynn Shelton

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Curls with Side-Swept Fringes

    Screenplay author and producer Lynn Shelton ("New Girl") wears her long hair with a long middle parting and side-swept fringes. The glamour curls in her long hair perfectly fit the soft falling fringes

    Hairstyle with Fringes: Karen Gillan

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    Hairstyle with Fringes: Very Long Fringes Parted in the Middle

    Actress Karen Gillan's ("Doctor Who") fringes would cover her eyes if they weren't parted in the middle and swept to both sides