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Instructions for a Ponytail with Geometric Elements

Ponytail Styling Instructions
A sophisticated ponytail as shown by a model for the Fendi Fashion House. The hair section pattern is most noticeable on light hair
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The popular classic ponytail hairstyle has inspired yet another look with geometric patterns being included in this style on the catwalk. This new variation consists of two wide sections of hair pulled from the front of the head and crossing over at the back. Read on to find out how to style this alternative take on the classic ponytail.

  • Looking at the hairstyle from the front, you would not see anything out of the ordinary. To create an austere look, the hair is combed close to the head while at the back the wide sections of sleek hair cross over before being fixed into the ponytail. This simple change to the ponytail adds a new twist to the classic style.  

  • How to Style the Ponytail with Geometric Element

    Required styling tools:

    A fine comb, hair wax, hair grips and a hair tie.

  • 1. Distribute a small amount of hair wax between your hands before applying to all of your hair. Comb your hair straight back using a fine-toothed comb.

    Should your hair be curly or wavy, first apply heat protectant and straighten.

    2. Separate your hair into three sections, a centre piece above the forehead and two at the side.

    3. First, take the centre section, comb it to ensure to there no knots and separate into two further sections. Cross one section from one side of the head to the other at the crown of the head and secure at ear level using hair grips. Repeat with the second section.

    4. Take the hair from either side of the head and gather carefully at the back ensuring that the hair grips are hidden and the crossed sections can still be seen.   

    5. Secure in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Pull out a thin strand of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure this thin strand with a hidden hair grip under the ponytail.

    6. Finally, apply hairspray to hold on place.

  • This modified ponytail is ideal for women who would like to add a twist to their usual ponytail hairstyle.