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Hot Hairstyles for Carefree Summer Days in 2014

2014 Summer Hairstyles
Casual hairstyles are key for Summer 2014 so read on to find out the styles on trend this season.
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Do you want to greet the summer of 2014 with a new hairstyle? We found what you are looking for! The expectation of light-hearted summer time living is exhilarating for many. We show this year’s trendy summer hairstyles for your inspiration

  • 'Summertime and the livin´ is easy', is the famous line from the George Gershwin musical Porgy and Bess. It is time to celebrate the most carefree of the seasons with fun activities and easy fashion and hairstyle choices. The 2014 summer hairstyles are simple; many of them are undone hairstyles or feature colourful hair accessories or middle partings.

  • Undone Hairstyles are all the Rage in the Summer of 2014

  • Casual, simple, and undone are the keywords for this year’s summer hairstyles. The easy-going style fits perfectly into the lifestyles of all who are determined to fully embrace the fun times summer has to offer. Harley Viera-Newton and Poppy Delevingne demonstrate the trendy hairstyles for you.

    In his video tutorial, hair expert and stylist of stars Armin Morbach shows how you can be the star with a new summer hairstyle.

  • Video: How to Create an Undone Hairstyle and Look Like a Star

  • In our gallery, we show trendy 2014 summer hairstyles.
    (Don’t forget the all-important sunglasses!)

  • Gallery: 2014 Summer Hairstyles

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Undone

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Undone with Middle Parting

    The man in your life will love to caress your long undone hair this summer. Here, Harley Viera-Newton allows her casually styled hair to shimmer in the summer sun, parting her blonde hair down the middle.

    Tip: A few drops of hair oil worked through the hair ends will keep the hair looking shiny in hot weather.

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Hair Accessories

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Hair Accessories

    Hair jewellery is definitely in style this summer. Colourful flower garlands and bejewelled accessories brighten up any hairstyle.


    Tip: The hair accessories should suit the hairstyle. Flower garlands and modern hair bands work best with casual hairstyles and free-flowing hair.

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: The Head Scarf

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: The Head Scarf

    As far as hair accessories are concerned, head scarfs can be as colourful and interesting as flower garlands. With her accurately cut fringes and the large earrings our bohemian looking model seems to be ready for a dance in the village square.


    Tip: Chose pastel prints, animal or flower prints, which go with your hairstyle and outfit

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Chignons

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Casual Chignons

    Depending on the styling, buns can be glamorous or pretty but practical which makes them ideal for summer parties to sports day. Buns are particularly popular on hot summer days because they can keep the hair out of the face and off the neck. Pulling all your hair off your face and neck will help your all over tan.


    Tip: Modern bun styles are casual or undone. It is alright for a few strands of hair to escape from the updo.

    2014 Style for Hot Days: Caps

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    2014 Style for Hot Days: Bring Your Own Shade

    Sun visors protect the face from the sun’s rays without wearing a hat. The casual Afro look and the visor are an unbeatable combination for sunny days.


    Tip: Sun visors, hats, baseball and other peaked caps are ideal for a stylish look in wind and sun.

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Ponytail

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: The Big Hair Ponytail

    Ponytails are an always popular summer hairstyle. Give it extra volume on top of the head for a slightly different look.

    Slightly backcomb the hair over the forehead and on the crown of your head to create volume or apply some volumising powder to the roots with your fingers. Then gently gather all the hair at the back of the head and pull into a ponytail. The sleeker hair on the side emphasises the increased volume on top. Apply hairspray for extra hold.


    Tip: Gather the backcombed hair into the ponytail ever so gently to create as much volume as possible. For a smooth look, carefully brush the stop of the hair to smooth down any flyaways.

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Pastel Hair Colours

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Pretty Pastel Hair Colours

    Soft pastel tones are the new summer hair colours and have been seen on the likes of Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne. If you are not ready for all over colour, try creating a dip dye or pastel sombré (soft ombré) and only colour the ends of your hair.


    Tip: Soft pastel shades add a subtle customisation to your look whilst complimenting your new summer tan.

    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Braided Hairstyles

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    2014 Summer Hairstyles: Braided Hairstyles

    Braided hairstyles are part of summer like cocktails with umbrellas are part of beach parties. This sideways braid is ideal for hot summer days.


    Tip: Perk up the classic braid by braiding colourful ribbons into it like women have done for many centuries.