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How to Style Your Hair Using Curlers

For defined curls, heat the curlers with a hair dryer before releasing them from your hair.
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Using hair curlers is one of the many ways to create curls. This classical method to curl hair is easier than you may think. We share with you our experience in using hair curlers and the different looks you can achieve.

  • If you prefer not to use curling tongs, straighteners or tying your hair to create waves or curls, you may want to try curlers. Today’s curlers are usually made from plastic and are readily available in many different sizes.

  • The Ins and Outs of Hair Curlers

    If you decide to use curlers it is important to buy the right size for your hair length. The bigger the curler the longer your hair needs to be in order for it to effectively wrap around the diameter of the curler. If you would like to achieve large, loose curls we would recommend using curlers with a large diameter. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have small, tight curls, use smaller curlers.

  • Curlers
    The size of the curlers used will create different hairstyles, similar to the difference in Katharine McPhee’s (on the left) and Clare Bowen’s hairstyles.
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  • Thin curlers work best if you want to create a well-defined curly hairstyle similar to Clare Bowen, the Australian actress (right photo above). To create this look, remove the curlers and run your fingers through the hair to loosen the tight curls.

  • Using Curlers to Create Gorgeous Curls

    1. Firstly, apply a heat protectant spray and run a small amount of styling mousse through your towel-dried hair.

    2. Part your hair into three sections, taking one section of hair from around the crown of your head. Create two more sections by parting the remaining hair in the middle at the back of your head.

    3. Take the section of hair from the crown of the head and roll up small sections of hair using curlers. Work your way through the hair from your forehead to the upper back of your head. Then, start rolling the other two sections of hair in rows from the top to the bottom and from the front to the back. (Depending on the curls you are trying to achieve either roll the sections of hair towards or away from you).

    Tip: You may decide not to roll the curlers all the way to the hair roots, to keep the hair above ear level straight.

    4. When wrapping the hair around the curlers, use a tail comb to partition off a small section of hair (the section should be slightly narrower than the curler). Comb the section and gently pull it away from the scalp. Start to roll the section of hair onto the curler starting with the hair ends.

    Tip: If you have long hair you may like to try different curly hairstyles by changing how far you roll the curler up the hair section.

    5. Continue to roll up all sections of hair in the curlers.

    Tip: give your look texture and fullness by experimenting with different size curlers.

    6. After you have rolled all your hair onto the curlers, use a blow dryer to warm the hair (this will set the curls). Allow the curls to cool before you gently remove the curlers.

    7. You may like to use volumising powder at the hair roots to create a volumised, dramatic style (for extra hold use hairspray).