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Styling Curly Hair: Straight Hair on Top with Curly Ends

Styling Curly Hair
Christina Hendricks’ hair is straight at the crown of her head with tight, curly ends.
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Christina Hendricks and the models for Bottega Veneta have styled their hair so it is straight at the crown of the head and curly at the ends starting at ear level. We show you how to create this retro hairstyle as well as providing you with suggestions for makeup that compliments the retro hairstyle.

  • The sleek hair on top of the head, which transitions into curls creates a wide selection of looks from romantic to wild. The curls and waves may be tousled or well-defined (see Christina Hendricks’ curls above). An alternative approach would be to tease and fluff the curly ends like the models in the photos below. The hair may be parted unevenly or in an accurate line either low or high on the side of the head. The hair above the forehead may be secured to the side with a hair slide or alternatively, left naturally so that strands fall over the face.

  • Retro Curls on the Catwalk

  • Styling Curly Hair
    This retro hairstyle is a popular catwalk look with its deep side parting, held in place with a hair grip.
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  • Models for Bottega Veneta showcased their retro curls with coloured brown, red, and blonde hair on the catwalk. They completed the retro look by using bright rusty-red lipstick while the mascara and eyeliners were kept in soft shades of brown.

    The expressive hairstyle is eye catching and unusual. The contrast between the straight hair on top and the fluffy ends create interest and appeal to this 1940s hairstyle, with its many playful yet elegant variations. The models have chosen deep side partings, which creates austerity to the look. They pulled the hair above the forehead straight across the hairline and secured it with hair slides on the opposite side softening the look.

  • Creating the Curly Retro Hairstyle

    Your hair should be at least shoulder-length to create this 1940s hairstyle.

    1. After shampooing, blow-dry your hair and create a straight, low side parting.

    2. Be sure to apply heat protectant before straightening and blow-drying your hair. Then use a flat iron to straighten your hair on the crown of your head and above the forehead. Work on small sections at a time and straighten the hair down to ear level.

    3. Slightly dampen your hair before you roll small sections of hair using small-diameter curlers starting at ear level; then blow-dry your hair. Alternatively, you could use curling tongs to create the small curls.

    4. Use your fingers to pluck the curls apart as well as volumising powder for a high-volume look. 

    5. Finally, secure the front of your hair with a hair slide opposite the side parting. Finish the look using plenty of hairspray for a long-lasting finish.