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Have Great Hair Under Your Hat!

Have Great Hair Under Your Hat!
Dree Hemingway combined her red beanie with an undone hairstyle. She swept her long wavy hair forward across her shoulders.
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After a balmy summer this year, autumn in the UK officially started on 22nd September, so prepare yourself for the inevitable colder weather and shorter days! But don’t despair, the cooler climate means we have the opportunity to adapt our look yet again! Chunky knitwear and cosy hats are a practical warm and comfortable option for the winter; but what about your hair? Make sure you adapt your hairstyle for the change in season along with your clothing.

  • With the longer nights drawing in each day, we are heading into the cold climate of the British autumn, so what a great opportunity to splash out on a lovely, new hat to keep warm. Hats have become very popular, with many celebrities such as Cara Delavigne, trailblazing this trend. From berets to beanies, wearing a hat has never been more fashionable.

    Hats can be a stylish accessory to complete your overall look, or they can simply serve the practical function of keeping you warm as the winter months draw in. However, do not let your hat limit your hairstyle! There are many ways you can style your hair to compliment your hat! Don’t forget that your favourite hat may actually be your best friend on a bad hair day. Hats can disguise all sorts of hair dramas and should be positively celebrated on certain days!

    Finding a hairstyle that can be worn with hats can be tricky, and the nightmare of hat hair, can be a challenge. We suggest to you some fabulous hairstyles that can be worn with hats, plus ways of avoiding the dreaded hat hair.

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    Low hairstyles work well combined with a hat.
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    Tying your hair back into a high ponytail or bun isn’t usually an option when wearing hats. Therefore choosing low hairstyles is the way forward. Why not try a fishtail braid? This style looks great with most hats, including  caps, cloche and trilby hats.  Fortunately, this style looks particularly trendy with a beanie hat for the autumn, which is on trend this season.

  • To create this look:

    • Gather your hair into a low ponytail and divide in the middle into two equal sections.
    • Separate a ½ inch wide section of hair on the outside of one of the sections.
    • Pull this small outer section over the remaining section on the same side and combine it with the opposite section.
    • Now do the same with the section to which you have just added the smaller section of hair from the opposite side.
    • Repeat this technique until you have completed the braid.

    Tip: Pulling a few sections of hair so that it peeks out from underneath your hat looks very feminine and playful.

  • A low side bun is attractive and also works well with a hat. To create this alternative look:

    • Part your hair as usual, and then push it forward, over one shoulder.
    • Make a ponytail under your ear, twist and wrap hair loosely around the elastic, then pin it in place.

    Tip: This style is more polished than some others, and can be worn either centrally or to one side of your head.

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    Styling your fringe with a hat can be tricky. Hats can often make your fringe look flat; although the benefit of wearing a hat on windier days is that your fringe will stay under control! A hat can keep your fringe firmly in place, looking tidier. An alternative way to wear your fringe with a hat is to sweep it to one side, using the hat to secure your fringe in place.

  • How To Prevent Hat Hair

    We love wearing hats  but problems arise when we take them off! Hats are often blamed for difficulties such as fly-away hair and hair without bounce, but it is simply not true that you can’t have beautiful hair and wear a hat. It is important to prepare your hair when  wearing a hat. Avoid flat hair by ensuring you create as much volume as possible. Apply styling mousse or hair spray and then blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. This provides the hair with more volume and prevents it from being tangled and dishevelled under a hat.

    To avoid static hair, make sure your hair doesn’t become too dry, by using styling oil and leave-in conditioners. To create even more volume, try twisting your hair into a high chignon and securing it with a hair band. Wear your hat on top of this, and when you remove your hat, simply shake out the chignon. For an extra boost of volume, flip your head upside down and lightly work your fingers through the hair near to your scalp. Then shape your hair using hair wax or hair spray. Keep some styling cream available in winter at all times to maintain your hair. You can easily work it into your hair without weighing it down.

    Whether you’re wearing a hat to stay warm or accentuating your overall look this season, do not neglect the hair underneath your hat! Whilst it may be tempting to stay indoors in front of the TV during the chilly, winter nights, don’t let your hair be the excuse not to go out and enjoy yourself! Grab your hat and embrace the great British weather and all that it brings!

  • Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Madeline Carroll, Urte Halabi

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    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: The Beret

    Two entirely different hairstyles are worn with berets of very similar styles. Madeline Carroll’s bouncy curls liven up her image (left). Urte Halabi’s accurately cut long bob adds elegance to her look (right).


    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Hooligan Hats

    The hooligan hat can look boyish or feminine. Teresa Missoni wears her hair loose underneath her herringbone hat. Inès de la Fressange’s long hair is gathered into a low ponytail with a few small side strands peeking out.

    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Charlotte Ross

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    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Postman's Hat

    Charlotte Ross pulled her postman’s hat low over her face following the fashion. This postman has long blonde hair with beautifully styled soft waves!

    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations:Dree Hemingway

    © Getty Images  

    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Beanie

    Dree Hemingway combined her red beanie with an undone hairstyle. She swept her long wavy hair forward across her shoulders.

    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: AnnaLynne McCord, Skylar Grey

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    Hairstyle-Hat Combinations: Baseball Cap

    Baseball caps are an option year round, unless the winds are blowing fiercely. These caps go well with layered haircuts (as demonstrated by AnnaLynne McCord on the left) and with medium length hair, which fits baseball hats best in the undone style (as shown by Skylar Grey).