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More Volume and Hold for Your Hair

Creating more Hair Volume
Felicity Jones looks amazing with her medium-length bob. Soft waves and styling powder helps create the rich volume.
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A few simple styling techniques can bring amazing volume to your hair, particularly at the roots where it often needs more bounce. Adding volume is helpful when you’re styling updos, quiffs or similar hair styles. Here are our favourite hairstyles with extra volume as well as helping you to create the looks at home.

  • Styling Powder – Your Secret to Thicker Looking Hair

    Styling powder is the secret behind many voluminous hair dos like the one worn by actress Felicity Jones (see the photo above).

    Volume Styling: If your hair is thin and flat, try sprinkling a small amount of styling powder through the hair near the roots and massage with your fingertips. This will give the hair a lively bounce and make it much more manageable when styling.

  • Extra Volume for a Chignon

  • Creating more Hair Volume
    Elizabeth Olsen looks gorgeous with her hair in a high-volume chignon.
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    On most days, Elizabeth Olsen (actress) prefers to wear her long blonde hair down, without much volume. Every now and then, she surprises us with an extra-volume style, like the chignon above.

    Styling Tip: Use a hair donut/scrunchy to add extra body to your chignon. Hair donuts come in various sizes and colours. Concealing the hair donut is easier if it matches your hair colour. The size of the hair donut is entirely your choice. However, if you have thin hair we would recommend choosing a smaller donut to ensure your hair completely covers it. If your hair is thicker a large hair donut can help you create the illusion of ample hair volume.

    Below, we show you how to create the chignon, so you can try the look yourself:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for the Chignon (Using a Hair Donut)

    1. Comb your hair back and gather it into a high ponytail (make sure your hair is smooth at the top of your head) and secure with a hair tie.

    2. Pull the entire ponytail through the hair donut.

    3. Evenly distribute the ponytail hair over the hair donut and fix it by pulling a hair tie over the hair and donut.

    4. The ends of the ponytail hair will now peak out from underneath the hair tie. Bring the ends of the ponytail around the donut and secure them with hair grips. The chignon doesn’t have to look sleek or perfect (a few loose ends can be very appealing).

  • Extra Volume to Create a High Quiff

  • Creating more Hair Volume
    Jamie Alexander looks striking with her high-volume quiff.
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    Jaimie Alexander (actress) looks great with a pixie haircut. The quiff creates gorgeous volume and her simple makeup and elegant earrings add femininity to her look.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for the Quiff

    1. Separate a section of hair from the crown of your head to your forehead (this top hair will be styled into the quiff). Dampen this section only and apply a golf ball-sized amount of styling mousse through your hair.

    2. Blow-dry the separated hair section upwards to give the hair extra bounce and volume.

    3. After creating the volume for the quiff, back comb and tease the section underneath while intermittently applying hairspray.

    4. Form a quiff of the desired size by turning the ends of the top hair under and securing the quiff with hair grips (smooth the top layer of hair if needed).

    5. Finally, apply hairspray for the desired hold.

  • Curling Your Hair to Create Volume

  • Creating more Hair Volume
    The Olson sisters look great with their tousled blonde curls.
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    The Olson twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen prefer undone hairstyles. Here, they surprise us with a slightly different look. Their tousled blonde curls create extra volume and movement to their hair.

    In his video, Armin Morbach shows us quick and simple methods to create voluminous curls.

  • Video: Turn Straight Hair into Gorgeous Curls Using a Curling Iron

  • Hair expert Armin Morbach also shows us how to create lasting bounce and movement using your hair dryer.

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