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Simple Hairstyles Made Easy

Simple Hairstyles
Kate Bosworth looks gorgeous wearing a simple low ponytail with a side parting. Simplicity works!
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Nifty but simple hairstyles are the solution when you’re on the go or have an early morning rush. Of course, simple doesn’t have to mean drab. Read on to be inspired by beautiful, basic hairstyles.

  • There are mornings where no outfit seems right, when you’re running late for work and you’re having a bad hair day. Many women with busy lifestyles have mastered quick and simple yet elegant hairstyles. These hairstyles can be cool, trendy or playful and we’ve picked our favourite four which will turn heads no matter how little time you spend on styling.

  • Simple Hairdos: Kate Bosworth’s Ponytail

  • Simple Hairstyles
    Kate Bosworth looks sophisticated with her low ponytail. Wrapping a section of hair around her hair tie brings gorgeous elegance to her look.
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    Kate Bosworth is fond of the classic low ponytail. Luckily, this simple look is very versatile and can be styled in many different ways, never failing to impress. Actress Kate Bosworth wears her ponytail low in the neck and wraps a section of hair around a hair tie to add interest and sophistication.

  • Instructions: The Ponytail

    1. Create a side parting and comb the hair backwards.

    2. Apply a small amount of hair oil or hair wax to sleek the hair back into the ponytail.

    3. Use a hair tie to gather your hair low at the nape of the neck.

    4. Pull a small section of hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, securing the section using hidden hair grips.

  • Simple Hairdos: Kate Mara’s Semi-Updo

  • Simple Hairstyles
    Kate Mara expresses her individual style with this semi-updo.
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    Actress Kate Mara semi-updo tames the top section of hair whilst framing the face. This look is trendy and easy to style. Kate has only pulled half the top section of hair through her hair tie, creating a playful loop.

  • Instructions: The Semi-Updo

    1. Apply a small amount of salt spray to your hair to give it texture.

    2. Create a middle parting and pull the top half of the hair back.

    3. Use a hair tie to gather your hair high at the back of your head.

    4. Pull the hair half-way through the hair tie to create a hair loop, creating a special style element.

  • Simple Hairdos: The Wet Hairstyle of Lena Gercke

  • Simple Hairstyles
    Model Lena Gercke wears a simple wet-look hairstyle.
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    The extravagant wet-look hairstyle is cool and sassy and very easy to create. The wet style works with ponytails, semi-updos or sleek undone hair, as demonstrated here by Lena Gercke.

  • Instructions: Wet-Looking Hairstyles

    1. Distribute a hazelnut-sized dollop of hair gel between your fingers. Then run the fingers through your dry hair.

    2. Use your fingers to brush your hair toward the back. Now add another dollop of hair gel.

    3. Comb your hair to distribute the gel through your hair.

    4. Apply hairspray for added hold.

  • Simple Hairdos: Holland Roden’s Braid

  • Simple Hairstyles
    Holland Roden parted her hair on one side and playfully braided her side-swept hair.
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    Actress Holland Roden loves to wear simple hairstyles. Here she has parted her hair on one side and braided it into a long sideways plait. Playful plaits are easy to create and work well at home, work and as an elegant evening style.

  • Instructions: The Braid

    1. Apply a small amount of hair oil to the ends of your hair to make it smooth and sleek.

    2. Create a side parting and comb your hair.

    3. Sweep all your hair to the side, opposite the side parting and start to braid the hair near the neckline.

    4. Use a hair tie to secure the end of the braid.