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A New Hairstyle for a New You

Style Change
Actress Holland Roden’s hair is long, wavy and layered. With this haircut and structure the hair can easily be styled in different ways
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Choosing a new hair cut can be a lengthy but important choice, however, this should not keep you from trying out new styles. Whether Bob, Pixie or Long - each haircut can express different looks. Actress Holland Roden demonstrates the versatility of layered, long hair.

  • Many women wish for beautiful long hair. They imagine thick waves of shiny, healthy hair falling over their shoulders with only a little styling mousse needed to push the flowing rich waves into shape.

    While there is no valid argument against beautiful long hair, every once in a while a style change may be in order. Of course, in some cases, cutting the long hair is out of the question. Skilful styling is all it takes to change your appearance. Holland Roden shows how to turn her long hair into four completely different styles without cutting a single hair.

  • Style Changes: One Haircut, Four Styles

    Holland Roden allows her layered, long red hair to fall over her shoulders in gentle waves. Depending on the event, Holland whips her hair into different styles and proves how varied hairstyles can be. The first step is to decide  whether to wear your hair down or tame it into an updo.

  • Style Change
    Holland Roden wears a classic chignon (right) and as part of a semi-updo (left)
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    Style 1: Hairstyle for Leisure Times

    Getting ready on time for running errands, shopping or an afternoon with friends is part of daily life.
    These are the times when hairstyling must be quick and simple. Holland Roden shows that the chignon can be both: the half-up version (left) and the updo (right). The actress wears both versions in the trendy undone look.

  • Style Change
    Holland Roden wearing her hair down and gathered in a ponytail. Both hairstyles are sleek and well organised
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    Style 2: Hairstyle for the Professional

    In the business world, less is more when it comes to hairstyling elements. Do not use cute, playful styles, instead convince with competence AND a simple hairstyle. Holland Roden models two hairstyles which perfectly fit into a business environment. On the left, her sleek hair with side parting is brushed out of her face and tucked behind her ears for a simple confident style. The sleek ponytail on the right is also well suited for a day at work.

  • Style Change
    The layered haircut allows Holland Roden to create softly flowing waves (left) or loosely pile up her hair for a festive updo with middle parting
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    Style 3: Going out for Dinner

    These hairstyles are ideal for festive dinner parties, an evening out with that special someone or even a girls’ night out. 
    The long, wavy hair gives Holland a decidedly feminine appearance for a special evening. The undone updo with middle parting seems just right for festive occasions.

  • Style Change
    The combination of long hair, beach waves, and quiff (left) provide just the right portion of extravagance for a party. The traditional high ponytail gives Holland Roden an air of simple elegance
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    Style 4: Let’s Party

    If you are in the mood for a night out then you may also want something glamorous when it comes to styling.

    Holland Roden’s beach waves with a quiff (left) have just the right portion of glamour for a great party. 
    The high ponytail is always a sassy yet elegant alternative option for a party hairstyle. 
    The ends of Holland Roden’s ponytail are curly adding an extra styling element.