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Welcome to Schwarzkopf VIP


We’ve just opened the doors to a very special, exclusive club here at Schwarzkopf HQ. The lucky 250 members for the 2015 intake into the Schwarzkopf VIP Lounge will be given the opportunity to try out and give their insights on the latest products and ranges.

If you want to read more about our current crop of VIP Testers you can click here to view their profiles.

We’d like to take a moment first though to thank our wonderful 2014 VIP Testers – Pat H, Julie R, Kate E, Gemma P, Tasha B, Emma C, Sarah T, Jade E, Tracy K, Riona P, Jeanette G, Vicky C, Adele B, Becki P, Penny H, Candice H, Catherine W, Sam H, Claire D, Jackie N, Nicole B, Benjamin S, Dean F, Meg G, Angela A for their brilliant work throughout the whole of last year! Without their input we would not have been able to broaden our VIP Tester Programme and continue to improve our Schwarzkopf products.

Check out our gallery of some of our favourite reviews:

  •  Vorher-Nachher-Frisur: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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    Catherine Warren

    I love Schwarzkopf: Because there is so much on offer, my hair always feels great and I can find the product s I need depending on my hair at the time, dry, frizzy or needing protecting from heat.




    “Another gorgeous shampoo, always leaves my hair feeling clean removes all products. Also don't need to use much at all, so it lasts a long time.”

     Vorher-Nachher-Frisur: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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    Sarah Thomas

    I love Schwarzkopf: Because Schwarzkopf are a top company who create quality products which don't break the bank. When you buy a Schwarzkopf product, you are guaranteed beautiful hair without having to go to a salon.




    “This is a very innovative product. The consistency is like a firm mousse and you don't need to use loads to get the desired effect. It doesn't weigh the hair down or leave a residue like some styling products do. It gives your hair oomph. Especially good for curly hair as it boots volume and defines curls. Multi-tasking product!”

     Vorher-Nachher-Frisur: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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    Emma Christie

    I love Schwarzkopf: They give me reliable results, supported by years of research and are great value for money.




    “This intensive repair mask is so effective you only need a very small amount - around the size of a walnut was enough for my thick curls. Like the other products in the range it really delivered - in no more than a minute my hair felt rested and repaired.”

     Vorher-Nachher-Frisur: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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    Jade Evans

    I love Schwarzkopf: Because of the huge choice available. There are so many hair colours to choose from and if I did fancy a complete hair overhaul I know I could rely on Schwarzkopf to have just what I need and want.




    Shade 910 Pearl Blonde is a favourite of mine and not just for the colour results! I love how easy it is to mix and apply, it's so easy to do and is perfect for people who are new to DIY hair colouring. I have been colouring my hair for years but really like this form of application over the more traditional bottle mix dyes.

     Vorher-Nachher-Frisur: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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    Adele Baxter

    I love Schwarzkopf: I love Schwarzkopf products because no matter what I need for my hair, whether that be volume, or shine I can find a product that will meet my needs perfectly. Schwarzkopf makes my daily routine nice and easy.




    I am naturally blonde, but I also colour my hair and bleach it to make it lighter. This toner came at a good time for me as I still had a fortnight before I was due to have my hair coloured again. 

    I found that this really helped to give me the boost and lift my hair needed. The mousse was easy to apply, was a good consistency and had a nice but not overpowering fragrance to it.

  • Thanks to all of our amazing 2014 VIP Testers! Make sure you check out the 2015 reviews as they come in.