• Stylish Hair: Here Come the Stars

    Take heart! Even stars and starlets have bad hair days every once in a while. Rather than polishing our confidence, let’s enjoy looking at glamorous hair styles of the stars. That is bound to switch on our ‘me-too-genes’. In the end, we cannot help but whisper to our hair stylists, "Like Gwyneth, please"

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  • Hot Hair Style Trends

    Year in, year out in donkey’s years, the new fashion is presented - and along with it the new hair style trends are introduced. We would like to show you the new interpretations of blonde and introduce the short haircuts, which are designed just for you. Yes, you can have big hair without earning the title ‘Madam’ and the romantics among you can rejoice because the romantic look will never die

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  • Easy Going: Men’s Hair Styles

    Grown out curls and razor short haircuts, men’s hair styles celebrate freedom from shackles. We will show you splendid examples

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  • Street Styles are Hip

    “What on earth are you wearing on your head?” we asked in metropolitan cities worldwide. These street styles are a look to behold

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