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2014 Trendy Hairstyle: Razor-Cut Bob

2014 Trendy Hairstyle: Razor-Cut Bob
Blogger Elin Kling is seen sporting the 2014 trendy hairstyle: the razor-cut bob.
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Elin King is a successful Swedish fashion blogger and journalist, we love her soft, natural hair colour and gorgeous style. Her trendy razor-cut hairstyle is a playful variation to the classic bob.

  • The trendy razor-cut was all over the 2014 fashion catwalks, as well as many stars and bloggers recently sporting the haircut. Elin Kling (pictured above), is a perfect example of how to wear this gorgeous hairstyle; with beautiful blonde hair, cut at shoulder-length with heaps of volume. Similar to Elin a few celebrities have also made the chop and traded their long locks in for an edgy razor-cut. This shorter haircut is not only easy to take care of, but is also great to style.

  • What is the Razor-Cut Bob?

    The razor-cut bob is cut framing the face; accentuating the contour line. The process is similar to the conventional bob; light and feathery with a clear line.

    The razor-cut bob works well with fine to slightly thick hair. It also works for any face shape and hair texture, whether you have straight or curly hair. The hairstyle can be cut one length or be feathered at the ends; creating a softer appearance.

  • Colour for the Trendy Razor-Bob in 2014

    Natural shades, ranging from sandy blonde to honey brown, are ideal for emphasising the lightness of this trendy haircut. These particular shades bring out the structure of the razor-cut bob and shows off the different elements to the style.

  • How to Style a Razor-Cut Bob

    The razor-cut bob can be styled in many different ways. If you’re looking for a natural look, similar to when you’ve had a day at the beach; let your hair dry naturally and apply a salt spray to achieve gorgeous waves.

    If you have thinner hair you may want to create volume, if so, blow dry your hair upside down. For an elegant yet playful style, sleek your hair back over your head and apply hair gel – finish the look by straightening the ends (remember to always use heat protectant when styling with heated tools).

    Tip: Create volume at the hairline using volumising powder or dry shampoo. Alternatively, you can use shampoo specifically designed to add volume to your hair.  

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