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The Trendy Hairnet

Hairnets are intriguing accessories for short hairstyles and up-dos
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Wearing a hairnet is set to be one of the new hairstyle trends for 2015 and women are considering hairnets a fashion accessory for long or short hairstyles, not just for practicality! Today’s fashion hairnets come in many stylish variations for free-flowing hair as well as for up-dos. We hope the hairstyles with hairnet in our gallery will inspire you!

  • Up-dos with Hairnets

  • Hairnet
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    For sophisticated or unique styles, try wearing sleek hair pulled into a chignon with a low side partings. In this look the black hairnet has a wide edge trim and pulled over the top part of the head, leaving the chignon uncovered.

    The style on the right shows a low chignon with a delicate hairnet covering the hair making it barely visible.

  • Top tip: to make sure your hairnet is secure, fasten with a couple of hair grips and a spritz of got2b Happy Hour Hairspray.

  • Long Hair with Hairnets

  • Hairnet
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    These images both show how you can showcase a hairnet if you have longer hair and want to wear it styled down. The model on the right has a real 1920’s feel, especially paired with the dark eye make-up. Alternatively you can wear a slightly looser hair net to cover hair.

  • Short Hairstyle with Net

  • Hairnet
    The delicate hairnet snuggles around the sleek short hairstyle
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    Light colours and sleek short hairstyles with a hairnet can create the perfect style! The cool blonde shade shown above can be recreated at home using our LIVE Color 00A Absolute Platinum shade. Check out how you can achieve this at home from our how-to video. This shade, with a short blunt cut looks great with a subtle hairnet over the top of the style!