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Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

A little rebellion, a little defiance, and a little something inspired by the 80s: Women who wear the Double Square look will always attract attention. "A Joan of Arc on the streets" – that's what Armin Morbach associates with the Double Square look!

  • "This look is especially suited to the emancipated woman," says the Schwarzkopf hair expert. In the Double Square look, cut and colour are all essential to create this edgy look. The combination of choppy contours, bold contrasting colours like red and black give Double Square its unique character. Armin Morbach: "In this look, there are no real edges; everything is choppy or pointed. It shouldn’t look tidy; it should look like the previous day’s bob," says Armin Morbach. A black suit or a red evening gown would turn Double Square into the ultimate fashion statement.

  • Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the trendy look Double Square

    Can you describe the look in just a few sentences, touching on the cutting technique, colour, and special features?
    ARMIN MORBACH: Double Square is very modern. The look has something French about it, but at the same time it could be at home in New York with its red to black tones. I love it when someone takes a red shade as a base, for instance, and dyes the underside of their hair two shades darker. I also really like Double Square’s waxy structures.

    Bold, choppy contours: are these an integral part of this trendy hairstyle?
    ARMIN MORBACH: The choppiness is really important. A hairdresser could even use a knife for this hairstyle.

    What would a woman want to say with this trendy hairstyle?
    ARMIN MORBACH: These women want to be seen, and this look’s colours are so intense that it won’t be any other way. The hairstyle calls for bold contrasts such as blonde hair and dark skin or black hair with shades of red. These women don’t care if their husbands tell them “that doesn’t suit you”. These women are real head-turners.

    What fashion best suits this look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: I can picture the look on an architect in New York, for instance, a kind of Helmut Newton girl with a lot of self-confidence. A cool black suit or a bright red evening gown with bright lipstick would suit Double Square. This look will always be a fashion statement. Double Square consists of clean lines which are broken up by the choppiness of the look.

    What make-up would complete the look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: The make-up can be really striking with this look. I’d suggest black-rimmed eyes with no blended eye shadow, paired with black nail lacquer or something a little punkier, but all presented in an elegant manner. I wouldn’t choose to emphasize the lips with this look; the focus should definitely be the eyes.

    We show highlights of the styling and photo shoots in our gallery.

  • Gallery: The Styling of the Double Square Look


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

    Armin Morbach demonstrates the trendy Schwarzkopf Double Square hairstyle using the fiery red hair of Magdalena Jasek


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

    Here, Magdalena Jasek models the long version of the hairstyle with full long fringes and shoulder-length bob


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

    Photographer Mario Testino and Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the job with hairstyle model Magdalena Jasek


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

    Armin Morbach demonstrates the look with model Tian Yi. Her short hair with long fringes sparkles in two colours


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Double Square

    Model Betty Adewole coloured her hair light blonde for this wild and tousled version of the Double Square hairstyle