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Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Micro Fringe

Urban, modern, and a clear statement - the Micro Fringe look is at home in today’s fashion world! Whether New York, London, Sydney or Tokyo, strong women can use it to send a clear signal. "This is precisely the message behind the Micro Fringe," says Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach: "It will suit creative women who want to show themselves off."

  • Clean, flat structures and an extremely short fringe literally frame the face. "The Micro Fringe therefore calls for a dark colour which can be further accentuated with a purple-black or blue-black shimmer," says Morbach. You can get the look with our LIVE Color 90 Cosmic Blue from Schwarzkopf! This is a rich black shade is full of shimmering blue tones that will give you a vibrant colour result.

    Bold colours and regularly trimmed edges are the Micro Fringe’s distinguishing features, so maintainance is key! "The most important aspect of the Micro Fringe is the super-short fringe; the overall hair length can vary considerably," explains Armin Morbach. The look especially suits healthy, smooth, shiny hair.

  • Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the Micro Fringe look

    Can you describe the look in just a few sentences, touching on the cutting technique, colour, and special features?
    ARMIN MORBACH: The most important aspect of the Micro Fringe is the super-short fringe. Ideally, it should be coloured blue-black. That way, the Micro Fringe frames the face correctly from an aesthetic point of view.

    You can recreate the look at home with LIVE Color 90 Cosmic Blue from Schwarzkopf. Check out how to maintain a vibrant blue shade with our colour refresh.

    What is important for this trendy hairstyle?
    ARMIN MORBACH: The hair should be really dark and as smooth and straight as possible, with a healthy shine. The fringe should also always be cut very precisely.

    Micro Fringe is a very linear look. What hair structure and length best suits this look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: It should always be worn with dark hair – ideally voluminous, straight hair as seen in Latina women. The French and Spanish also often have beautiful, voluminous hair like this. The hair length can vary a lot! The Micro Fringe looks great as a genuinely short style, but is just as good worn with hair cropped to just under the ears. The Micro Fringe also looks cool with shoulder-length or longer hair.

    What is the most important thing about the Micro Fringe look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: Micro Fringe is a very clear statement. I imagine it would suit creative, fashion-conscious women – women who want to say something with their hairstyle will wear the Micro Fringe. Anyone who prefers not to stand out will not wear a statement look like this.

    Who would best suit the look: a woman with pronounced features e.g. a prominent nose or large eyes, or a woman with less remarkable features?
    ARMIN MORBACH: I believe anyone can wear the Micro Fringe look. It looks particularly good with a full face or high cheek bones, and I’d love to see a 60-year-old wear it.

    Are there any celebrities you'd like to see wearing the Micro Fringe look? Or did the stars perhaps inspire this look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: Angelina Jolie would look super wearing the Micro Fringe. She is a strong woman with incredible charisma. The look really suits women like that.

    The gallery photos provide a glimpse of how to style the look.

  • Gallery: The Styling of the Micro Fringe Look


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Micro Fringe

    Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach styles the trendy Micro Fringe with Betty Adewole as his model.


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Micro Fringe

    An extra helping of hairspray provides the perfect finish – why not try got2b Happy Hour Hairspray to keep this style in place.


    Trendy Hairstyles 2015: Micro Fringe

    The length of micro fringes may vary. Armin Morbach prefers the long-fringe version for model Katlin Aas.


    Trendy Hairstyles 2015: Micro Fringe

    One last critical look: The haircut must be perfect!


    Trendy Hairstyles 2015: Micro Fringe

    There are the three main attributes for the perfect Micro Fringe hairstyle: Dark, straight, and glossy. To achieve an amazing glossy finish, spritz with got2b Oil-licious Dry Oil Mist.