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Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Pastel Story

Soft, easy and relaxed – that's how Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach sums up the Pastel Story look. Light-coloured hair with wisps of pastel gives a fresh, young look!

  • For the Pastel Story you need only make subtle changes to light hair and a simple hint of colour will give hair a new twist. Morbach and Testino drew their inspiration from the vibrant coloured hair of bloggers. "But we wanted to soften this look considerably, which is why we chose pastel tones,” explains Armin Morbach. The special thing about Pastel Story is that "the look can have a totally different vibe depending on how it’s styled". It’s girly with a simple outfit, rock ‘n’ roll with trainers and leggings, and a real head-turner with a colourful coat," says Armin Morbach. With this look, it’s important that the hair is never too glossy. Morbach: "The entire haircut should look little rough. This can be achieved with hair powder."

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  • Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the trendy look Pastel Story

    Can you describe the look in just a few sentences, touching on the cutting technique, colour, and special features?
    ARMIN MORBACH: This is such a soft, easy look, which may seem a little tame but is very fresh. Beautiful, long, blonde hair looks very fresh with pastel highlights. To complete the look, you just need to add a touch of mascara, nothing more. That said, the look can take on different vibes depending on how you style it. With a simple outfit, it will look sweet and easy, but paired with a multi-coloured coat, it becomes a real head-turner. When working with pastels, it’s important to always choose soft shades, regardless of the colours you choose. My favourite shade is rose, because it’s very flattering to the face – but yellow can also look pretty in light blonde hair. The entire haircut should look little rough. This can be achieved with hair powder, like got2b Powder’ful.

    What inspired Pastel Story?
    ARMIN MORBACH: There are still a lot of people with garishly bright coloured hair. A lot of bloggers dye sections of their hair in really striking colours, for instance. This is where we got our inspiration. However, we softened the look considerably for the Pastel Story style. At the photo shoot, we noticed that the girls found it a lot of fun to look that way. Our model was smiling from ear to ear and even braided her hair. This simply accentuated the pastels.

    What message does this look communicate? What would a woman want to say with it?
    ARMIN MORBACH: It is very girly and romantic, but also suits a really rock ‘n’ roll outfit that would make the look seem youthful and cool.

    Having different shades of colour in your hair at the same time: how does this influence styling? Should you be more conservative, or perhaps just pick up the colours and run with them?
    ARMIN MORBACH: No, not at all. The look itself is already quite conservative, but you can break it up with leggings and cool sneakers. Strongly framed eyes would also suit the look. Meanwhile, I would use a lipstick in the same colour, or simply opt for a light gloss.

    What woman could you imagine wearing this look?
    ARMIN MORBACH: I think a girl like Cara Delevingne would look fantastic wearing Pastel Story.

  • Gallery: The Styling of the Pastel Story Look


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Pastel Story

    Create this hairstyle with soft waves and subtle pastel hair colours.


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Pastel Story

    Sections of pastel coloured hair weaving through braids create an edgy effect but still look feminine.


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Pastel Story

    Why not try a crown braid with pastel tones weaved into the style.


    Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Pastel Story

    Volume and pastel coloured strands make this hairstyle reminiscent of the rock ‘n’ roll era.