Trendy Looks 2017
  • Semi-Updo

    The Semi-Bun

    Stars, models or bloggers – now the trendsetters do things by halves and swear by the semi-bun, the fashionable light version of the chignon.

    Hello Semi-Bun!
  • Hairstyle Trend: Clavi-Cut Hair

    The most popular hair length is neither long nor short; it is clavi cut (reaching no further than the clavicles). Women love this hair cut because it is as flattering as it is versatile. Find your style of clavi-cut hair and learn how to style it.

    Clavi-Cut Hair is the Current Style
  • Matte Hairstyles

    Trendy Matte Hairstyles

    Most women take pride in the silky lustre of their hair. However, matte hair has its own appeal. Matte hair is popular, casual, natural, and a little messy. We present to you a gallery of cool matte hairstyles for your inspiration

    Matte Hair is the New Style
  • Stars Who Wear Hair Extensions

    Stars Wearing Hair Extensions

    Drastically changing your hairstyle has become easier. You can go from wearing a pixie cut to having long, flowing hair in one day. For many actresses and women in the limelight, changing their hairstyle is important. They may need to alter their hairstyle by varying the length for a certain role or alternatively following the current hair trends. Discover the benefits of hair extensions and we’ll let you know the best methods of caring for them.

    Amazingly Beautiful Long Hair
  • A Full Head of Hair

    Create a Full Head of Hair

    Many women wish for a fuller head of hair. We show you how to create the look of full hair like a professional hair stylist. Creative styling can easily create the impression of fuller hair. See how the professionals go about it.

    Styling Your Hair to Look Full and Rich
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