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Come Rain or Shine, Blonde Stars Wear the Sun in their Hair

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Blonde, colour of success and colour of the stars
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"Blondes Have More Fun", an old Rod Stewart song asserted in 1978. The British newspaper 'The Sun' surveyed 3,000 women to determine whether there was any truth to the statement in the song. According to this survey, blondes indeed party more than brunettes and women with other hair colours. Enjoy looking at our photos of successful blonde stars and learn how you can have gorgeous blonde hair!

  • “Blondes First!” Superstar Marilyn Monroe was the trailblazer for many blonde stars today. In the 1940s, Marilyn Monroe reluctantly bleached her naturally dark brown hair because a photographer had demanded it for an advertisement. This change got her noticed and almost instantly catapulted her into worldwide fame as an actress. Model Heidi Klum made the covers of glossy magazines only after bleaching her naturally brown hair wheat blonde.
    Is going blonde really a career booster? There may be something to it. Publicity sells, and blonde stars look particularly glamorous on red carpets and in front of cameras. Without question, aside from being a hair colour, blonde hair also makes a statement.

    It's no wonder that blonde stars keep dominating in 2011. Light-haired women are very popular since ancient times. In long bygone centuries, naturally dark-haired Greek women lightened their hair using precious saffron at great expense.  
    Now, about 2,500 years later, we lighten hair as gently as possible using advanced hydrogen peroxide formulations with various conditioners. Such formulations turn even very dark hair into a blonde mane in only a few steps.  

    Admire the blonde stars in our gallery below and see what the current trend colours are. Don't forget to check out our tips and tricks for keeping blonde hair beautiful for a long time.

  • Blonde Stars with the Sun in their Hair

    Bar Refaeli

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    Blonde Stars: Bar Refaeli

    Bar Rafaeli looks radiant despite her separation from her ex Leonardo DiCaprio. Her wheat blonde hair has captured the golden light of the sun. Tip: You can easily achieve the sun-drenched look using sun-in sprays or lotions. Then allow your hair to dry in the sun or use a blow-dryer. Heat enhances the bleaching effect of sun-in sprays

    Emma Stone

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Emma Stone

    Actress Emma Stone is known for her fast changing hair colour. We like her best wearing her perfectly groomed hair pearl blonde. The wide black eye lid line and the blazing hot pink lipstick look sexy and form an expressive contrast to her light hair. Tip: Black eye liner may be too dark for your taste. In this case, use magenta (the complementary colour to yellow) and select mauve and pink for your outfit and make-up.  These colours emphasise the impressive cool blonde look. Wheat blonde hair combines well with warm colours like brown and khaki

    Blake Lively

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    Blonde Stars: Blake Lively

    Strawberries are tasty and healthy. Strawberry blonde looks delicious and very trendy as hair colour. Blake Lively is the perfect ambassador for this brand-new trend. Her cream-coloured lacy dress matches her hair style perfectly. The same can be said about her pastel coloured make-up and the braided hair with the golden hair jewellery. Her tousled hair style is quite hot right now. Blake Lively looks like some scrumptious gossip girl!

    Malin Akermann

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Malin Åkerman

    Her hair style is hot right now. The ends of her hair are lighter than the hair close to the roots and look like bleached by the sun. Malin Åkerman is a Canadian actress of Swedish descent and this hair style is made for her. In case you like this sunny hair style for your own hair, simply use a broad brush to paint it into your hair. It is important to blur the lines to create soft natural transitions rather than hard colour steps

    Pixie Lott

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    Blonde Stars: Pixie Lott

    Modern hippie and singer Pixie Lott allowed her platinum blonde mane to air-dry, before loosely gathering the front strands of her hair in the neck. Her casual hair style is suitable for work and play but is also fit for an evening party. Hair like this requires excellent care because bleached hair dries out faster and tends to become brittle. As a result, the hair looks dull and may break. We recommend a daily conditioning rinse for colour-treated or bleached hair and a weekly hair mask. Such TLC creates shiny blonde hair and provides the hair with much needed moisture

    Georgia May Jagger

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Georgia May Jagger

    We are hooked on this gap in her teeth, this mouth and above all, this vision of a medium blonde cascading mane. Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May Jagger has taken her rightful place on the catwalks of this world. Imitation is not only permitted but explicitly encouraged. Her hair colour is neither overpowering nor too understated. Instead, as a practical bonus, its classy colour meshes with any make-up and outfit colour. For example, coral red is the hot choice this summer. As you can see, Georgia May’s coral red outfit and lipstick look light and endearing in combination with her medium blonde hair

    Carey Mulligan

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Carey Mulligan

    Carey Mulligan sticks with the blonde colour but loves to vary the length of her hair. Sometimes, she wears a short pixie and at other times she tries a bob or almost shoulder-length hair. The ash blonde hair colour fits the light complexion of this British actress so perfectly that most admirers don’t realize that Carey is a natural brunette. The roots of her hair need regular colour touch-ups to keep dark roots at bay. Touch-ups should best be done in four-week intervals and the colorant should be applied to the root portion of the hair only. In order to keep hair damage to a minimum, the colorant should be worked through the entire hair only at the end of the application time and shortly before rinsing the hair

    Kate Moss

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    Blonde Stars: Kate Moss

    Supermodel Kate Moss was one of the trailblazers for the out-of-bed look with dark roots in her naturally blonde hair. The now 37-year old always had a good sense of fashion and style. Her gorgeous hair tends to be dry, which is often the case for naturally thinner blonde hair. Special conditioners for fine hair improve her hair without weighing it down

    Natasha Bedingfield

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Natasha Bedingfield

    Vanilla is a common cooking ingredient. As a colour, soft vanilla shades are a new hair colour trend. In our photo, the British singer Natasha Bedingfield demonstrates this new fashion colour. In order to achieve this vanilla shade you must adhere to the recommended application times for the colorant. Under no circumstances should you shorten the application time. Otherwise, you may discover a not so attractive yellow tinge in your hair. If despite all precautions this happens anyway, use shampoo for grey hair as remedy. These shampoos contain purple colour pigments, which can neutralise the yellow tinge

    Molly Sims

    © Getty Images  

    Blonde Stars: Molly Sims

    You may not be quite sure whether blonde is the right hair colour for you. If this is the case you may like to follow model and actress Molly Sims' example. First add a few blonde streaks to your hair and then set some more. Make sure that the streaks are fairly thin. This creates a more natural look. Setting streaks has an advantage other than the beautiful appearance. Bleaching results in a rougher hair structure making the hair more manageable and giving it a fuller appearance

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