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Finger Wave Hairstyles: Inspired by the Roaring Twenties

Finger Waves
Designer Mark Fast’s models at the London Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2012. We caught a backstage glimpse at the new hairstyles
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For their summer collections, designers feature wide Marlene Dietrich-inspired trousers, straight fringed dresses, and eye-catching make-up with bright red lips. International stars walk the red carpet in the newest Charleston look. Meanwhile, female bloggers embrace the unisex garçonne (boy) style. Finger waves fit the style. We show you how to style this classic twenties look.

  • At the beginning of this year, director Michel Hazanavicius cleaned up most of the Oscar awards with the nostalgic silent movie "The Artist". At the same time, he single-handedly revived the 1920s look and started a trend. So far, this trend is going strong. A new movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel "The Great Gatsby" will come to the big screen by the end of 2012, directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring well known movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

    It’s time to join the fun and see what the roaring twenties has to offer in terms of fashion and hairstyles. The most recognisable style element embraced by the flappers was the finger wave hairstyle. Why not go back in time and borrow some of the glamour of the roaring twenties for our fashion and hairstyles?

  • How to Style Finger Waves

  • Finger Waves: Heidi Klum
    Heidi Klum wears her finger waves well
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    Finger waves are still styled in the same way as in the roaring twenties.

    1. First shampoo your hair. Hair needs to be wet to shape finger waves.

    2. Work a generous amount of styling mousse through your wet hair. It’s best to use a comb to work the styling mousse through your hair to achieve better hold of the finger waves.

    3. Create an accurate deep side parting. Next to the parting, separate a wide section of hair (about 2" wide) above your forehead. You will use this section of hair to form the finger waves.

    4. Use the comb to pull the section of hair forward toward your face and start shaping the finger waves next to the parting working your way toward the end of the section. First push the hair upward toward the parting to shape the first of the finger wave rows.

    5. Secure the base of each newly formed wave using a special finger wave clip.

    6. Alternate pushing your hair upward or downward to create the finger wave rows. Secure each row using a finger wave clip before shaping the next wave in opposite direction.

    7. Your finger waves may not be quite as perfect as you want them to be on your first attempt. Don’t worry, you can practice as often as you like as long as the hair is wet.

    8. Once you are happy with your finger wave creation, allow your hair to air-dry before you remove the finger wave clips.

    9. A generous amount of hairspray provides the required hold.

  • Finger Waves Styled for Work and Fun Time

  • Finger Waves: Mark Fast
    At the London Fashion Week, Mark Fast’s models showed a modern version of finger waves
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    The alternative to classic finger waves also originated from the twenties. In this alternative version, the finger waves are softer and not quite as defined. Still, this second version is more elegant than curls. In the twenties, hair stylists formed the waves using a hot iron. The modern version of this hot iron is the flat iron:

    Separate out a 2" wide section of hair. Starting on top of your head, roll the hair inward one turn over the rod of the flat iron. Then pull the flat iron slightly downward. Now roll the hair over the hot flat iron in the other direction and pull the flat iron downward a bit. Alternately roll your hair over the flat iron inward and outward until you reach the end of the strand.

  • Finger Wave Style: Suitable Outfits and Make-up

    Whether you hair is blonde or brunette, the style of the roaring twenties suits everybody. Depending on the occasion, you may choose more or less expressive make-up. For a dramatic appearance in the style of the Hollywood divas of times long past you need false eyelashes and bright red lipstick.

    Wide, knee-long dresses, pearls, cloche (fitted bell-shaped) hats, Alice bands, strap court shoes, art deco patterns, sequins and feathers are the best suited outfits and accessories for the finger wave hairstyle.