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Create a Full Head of Hair like Professional Stylists

A Full Head of Hair
A full head of hair is an eye-catching feature in any style. Actress Holland Roden shows off her thick long hair. She has styled it into a quiff on the crown of her head.
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A full head of hair is often considered a woman’s crowning glory. Naturally, women have developed many methods to create the appearance of full hair. We want to share with you some of the best volume-creating tricks of professionals. Hopefully, you will find them a useful addition to your arsenal of styling tricks. Let’s see what styling methods the professionals use and what hairstyle choices they make to create a full head of hair.

  • Actress and idol Brigitte Bardot is now in her seventies, but many remember her famous hairstyle. A wealth of blonde hair framed her beautiful face. No wonder her style and look are here to stay! There is no reason to fret if your hair is not quite so full and luscious. Professional hair stylists know how to make almost every person’s hair appear fuller than it actually is. Today, we like to share their simple tricks with you.

  • Tools for Creating a Full Head of Hair

    Dry shampoo, styling comb, volumising spray, and hairspray

  • Step-by-step Instruction: How to Create a Full Head of Hair

    1. Hair must be completely dried to begin creating a fuller looking head of hair. You may want to use dry shampoo to produce proper manageability.

    2. Apply volumising spray to your hair before teasing it section by section using a styling comb.

    3. Then brush the teased hair carefully and apply hairspray to maintain the created volume.

    Actress Holland Roden (see the photo above) added an extra-large quiff to her otherwise undone long hair. Only the hair on the crown of her head is teased while the rest of the hair is allowed to fall without much styling. To create the quiff a section of hair must be held up and warmed with a blow-dryer before it is teased. This section is then rolled into a quiff and secured with hair grips. A little hairspray keeps the quiff in shape.

    In his video, hair expert Armin Morbach, shows more of the many methods to create a full head of hair. Check out our photo gallery for hairstyles that make your hair appear fuller.

  • Video: How to Give Your Hair Terrific Volume

  • Gallery: These Hairstyles Make Your Hair Appear Fuller

    A Full Head of Hair: Jessica Hart

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    A Full Head of Hair: The Big High Chignon

    Jessica Hart wears her high chignon with grace and style. This fancy chignon is unusually big.

    Styling: The hair is teased as described in the instructions. It is then gathered on the crown of the head and shaped into a chignon. The chignon is secured with hair grips. You may like to shape the chignon over a hairpiece or chignon donut to create extra volume. Hairspray provides lustre and the necessary hold.

    A Full Head of Hair: Felicity Jones

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    A Full Head of Hair: Teased Hairstyle with Braid

    Nature gave British actress Felicity Jones thick strong hair. The added volume and the thick braid play up the extraordinary beauty of her hair.  

    Styling: Add volume to your hair as described in our step-by-step instructions. Sweep your hair over one shoulder and weave it into a herringbone braid. Pull on both sides of the braid loops for a wider braid. Finally, secure the hairstyle with hairspray

    A Full Head of Hair: Naya Rivera

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    A Full Head of Hair: The Faux Bob

    The faux bob gives the impression of fuller hair because the hair is folded under to form a double layer. Naya Rivera used extra-gloss hairspray for alluring shine.

    Styling: Create a parting and lightly tease your hair. Gather your hair to a low ponytail and pull the hair band toward the ponytail end. Then fold the ponytail under so that your hair forms a loop and secure the ponytail end with hair grips.

    A Full Head of Hair: Jennifer Hawkins

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    A Full Head of Hair: Side-Swept Curls

    Curls are a very effective way to add volume to your hair. Jennifer Hawkins has swept her well-defined curls over her left shoulder.

    Styling: Create a low side parting and sweep your hair over the shoulder opposite the parting by combing it back with the help of a little gel. Use a curling iron to create the tight curls unless nature has given them to you