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Trendy Matte Hairstyles

Matte Hairstyles
Argentinian model Candela Novembre sports a gorgeous matte hairstyle.
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Many women are stepping away from their comfort zone of shiny hair and opting for the new on-trend matte look. We LOVE this new quirky style. Check out our favourite looks for inspiration, whether you’re looking for a casual, natural or updo style.

  • Beautiful, stylish hair no longer has to be shiny, long and carefully groomed. If you, like many women, prefer your hair shorter and tend not to spend much time creating elaborate hairdos, then the matte look is for you.

    Argentinian model Candela Novembre (above) medium-blonde hair looks stunning in the matte look. Her hair has been cut into a lob (long bob) and styled in subtle beach waves.

  • The Advantages of Wearing Matte Hair

    Matte hairdos give the impression of casual nonchalance. Your hair should look natural as if you’ve paid no attention to it at all. The lack-lustre hair puts all emphasis on the complexion. Extravagant makeup such as smokey eyes and expressive lipstick provide eye-catching contrast with the simple hairstyle.

  • How to Style Matte Hair

    It’s important you shape and structure your matte hair:

  • Using matte paste 
    Matte paste is the perfect solution if you want only part of your hair to look matte. You can use the paste to define sections of hair without making it feel sticky.

     Distribute a small amount of paste between your fingers and work it through your hair or individual sections.

  • Using volumising powder

    Use volumising powder to create a matte style, increasing the hair volume at the same time. Volumising powder also helps manageability when styling your hair.

     Sprinkle the volumising powder near the roots and use the tips of your fingers to work the powder through your hair (you don’t have to brush out the volumising powder).

  • Using dry shampoo
    Along with refreshing your hair (if you haven’t had time to wash it) dry shampoo also creates volume and a gorgeous matte appearance.

     Spray short blasts of dry shampoo into your hair. Then use your fingers or a towel and massage the dry shampoo through you hair. Finally brush the dry shampoo through your hair and style.

  • We hope the hairstyles for matte hair in our gallery inspire you to try something new.

  • Gallery: Stars Wearing Matte-Looking Hair

    Matte Hair: Riley Keough

    © Getty Images  

    Side-Swept Matte Hair

    Actress Riley Keough parts her hair on one side and sweeps the rest over her right shoulder (opposite her parting). Her hair appears matte at the roots and shiny close to her hair ends. Her makeup shows the same contrast with a matte foundation and shimmering red lipstick.

    Matte Hair: Rose Byrne

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    The Matte Hair Updo

    Actress Rose Byrne created a casual but elegant updo. She shows how feminine and enticing even the simplest matte updo can be.

    Matte Hair: Elizabeth Olsen

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    Braided Matte Hair

    Matte hair also works well with braids, which are always a practical and pretty option. Elizabeth Olsen styled her side-swept braid casually and allowed a few sections of hair to escape the braid.

    Natalie Cantell

    © Getty Images  

    Two-Tone Matte Hair

    The two-tone style is here to stay. Model Natalie Cantell shows how interesting this style looks with matte hair, which emphasises her glowing complexion.

    Matte Hair: Chloë Sevigny

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    Matte Short Hair

    Actress Chloë Sevigny wears her hair short and simple, the matte style creates an even more natural look. Makeup tip: Use a bright lipstick colour to create an eye-catching accent.