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Short Today, Long Tomorrow – Hair Extensions

Stars Who Wear Hair Extensions
Nicole Scherzinger is known for her beautiful, long, dark hair. To create her luscious locks, she uses hair extensions as well as ensuring her hair is well-cared for.
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Hair extensions are the secret behind the miraculous hair growth shown by stars and celebrities everywhere. They’re able to go from looking sassy with a pixie cut one moment, to sporting long flowing hair just a few hours later. Read on to learn some tips and tricks on how to wear and handle hair extensions. You never know, they may become your styling essential.

  • Many women dream of thick, long hair. Hair extensions can make this dream come true in a matter of moments.

  • The Ins and Outs of Hair Extensions

    There are quite a few methods to attach hair extensions to your natural hair. Most of these methods involve the use of heat to accomplish the bonding. The heat melts the glue joining the extensions to your natural hair.

    Ultra-sound mediated bonding methods are a popular alternative to using heat-melted glue. In this method, tiny strands of hair are attached to keratin platelets. These platelets are placed next to the natural hair and bonded by means of ultra-sound treatment. The ultra-sound waves change the keratin structure making them bond to your natural hair.

    Hair pieces are the simplest and fastest hair extension method and can be fastened to your natural hair using either horizontal clips or glue.

  • Stars Wearing Hair Extensions
    Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens are open about using hair extensions to achieve beautiful long hair.
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    Stars Wearing Hair Extensions

    Long, thick hair certainly appeals to both men and women and hair extensions can give you this full head of long hair. Many of us want strong, healthy, long hair like a lot of celebrities in the limelight. Televised gala events, a new role in a movie or a promotional tour are all reasons for stars and celebrities to change their appearances and hairstyles. Well-known stars like Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens use hair extensions for a playful image change.

    Hair extensions require special care to help them look natural and healthy. As your natural hair grows hair extensions become more noticeable, as a result they do not last very long (about six to eight months). You can avoid this problem by using hair extensions that use temporary clips to create long, thick hair.

  • How to Care for Hair with Extensions

    Once you have hair extensions, wait 24 hours before washing, styling or using hair products.  

    Do not stress the bond between natural hair and extensions by washing your hair in the upside down position.

    Brush your hair two or three times daily from the roots to the hair ends. Be sure to use a special brush for hair with extensions (these brushes have bristles of different lengths).

    If you have hair extensions do not go to bed with damp or wet hair as it could make your hair matted. Braiding your hair before bedtime works well to avoid tangled hair.