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Short Hair Styles Going Fresh and Sassy

Short Hair Styles
Agyness Deyn and Ginnifer Goodwin present the new short hair style with tousled fringes. This season’s short hair style is fresh and sassy
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Forget about growing a long mane! Short hair styles are this summer's newest trend. Wild top hair adds venturous airs to the modern style. One of the coolest advantages of the new style is its simplicity. Apply a little volumising mousse and hair spray and you got the style in a jiffy

  • Short hair used to be the hallmark of Agyness Deyn's style. Her enchanting platinum blonde style is ample proof that short hair does not have to look masculine or just down-to-earth practical. We like to show you some very cool heads with short hair.

    Today, short haircuts for women are not only acceptable but also cute and endearing. Gone are the times when women with short hair stirred up a scandal. Attitudes changed after WWI as the female image kept changing. Modern ideas prevailed and women’s hair and life styles should never be the same. Coco Chanel was one of the trailblazers for the short hair fashion. She was not only legendary for introducing the still cherished little black dress but also because she actively promoted women's independence. In her fashion designs, this meant slim-fitting dresses and matching short hair styles.

  • Short Hair Styled by Lanvin
    Short hair styled by Lanvin: Model with long untidily arranged fringes
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    Today's great designers like Lanvin, Chanel and Balmain love to match short hair styles with the outfits of their models. There was hardly a brave-looking model with orderly hair in the bunch in the 2011 fall/winter shows. Hair stylists kept snipping off hair and using the razor. Most of all, they tousled hair to produce this season's hottest look, the tousled pixie with the spunky fringes. Trendsetters and increasingly also stars and celebrities around the globe say goodbye to their long hair and join the new short style. Today’s women like short and sassy hair styles. Otherwise, anything goes.

    Check out our gallery of celebrities who opted for the new short and simple hair style. Should this inspire you to give short hair a whirl, we offer you plenty of tips on how the untidy but artful hair style is done and kept in fanciful disarray for a while.

  • Stars Wearing Tousled Short Hair

    Short Haircut Michelle Williams

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    Short Haircut: Michelle Williams

    Actress Michelle Williams likes changing from short to long hair every once in a while. We think the short pixie with the sideways fringes is made for Michelle. For our taste, the former wife of deceased actor Heath Ledger looks far too brave wearing a long mane. You can easily style your hair like Michelle Williams. All it takes is a little hair wax to accentuate the fringes. Be stingy with the wax! A pea-sized portion is plenty. More might cause your hair to look stringy.

    Short Haircut Agyness Deyn

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    Short Haircut: Agyness Deyn

    The red-hot short haircut with the sassy fringes is the hallmark of top model and style icon Agyness Deyn. After shampooing your hair, work a small amount of styling mousse through your hair. That will give this hair style the necessary hold, structure and volume. Use the diffuser attachment to blow-dry your hair. Then give your fringes the proper devil-may-care style using your fingers.

    Short Haircut Mary J. Blige

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    Short Haircut: Mary J. Blige

    R'n'B legend Mary J. Blige straightened her naturally tight long curls every day. This must have been torture for her hair and may have been the reason for Mary to cut her hair short. Whatever her reason, the new short hairdo suits her perfectly and is far easier to style than long hair. Not everybody’s hair has so much body and volume. However, a special volume powder can help you create the appearance of more volume. Simply put the volumising powder in the palm of your hand and rub both your hands together before pulling your hands and fingers through your hair.

    Short Haircut Ashlee Simpson

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    Short Haircut: Ashlee Simpson

    Singer Ashlee Simpson hides part of her short hair underneath a cool trilby. We like it and so does Vincent Piazza, the recent romantic love of the 26-year old if we can trust the rumours. You must pull the fringes into your face for this short hairdo. Otherwise, the style could be too austere. Apply a little hair spray for longer hold.

    Short Haircut Robyn

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    Short Haircut: Robyn

    In the 1990s, the Swedish disco star Robyn was known for wearing a unique red neckband. Meanwhile, the red neckband is gone but her platinum blonde shortcut has been her unique hair style over the years. She made a good choice. Today, millions of women not only admire Robyn as a singer but also follow her styling choices. Here is our tip for the mega-volume look: Work a walnut-sized portion of styling mousse through your hair and tease the hair close to the roots ever so slightly.

    Short Haircut Ginnifer Goodwin

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    Short Haircut: Ginnifer Goodwin

    Currently you can watch actress Ginnifer Goodwin on the big screen in the comedy 'Something Borrowed'. The actress may have been sick of being pegged as the 'doe-eyed little cutie', and the 33-year old may have decided to counteract that 'reputation' with a sassy short hair style. Don't forget to use a small amount of styling gel for this tousled, nonchalant look. It will give the necessary hold to this style.

    Short Haircut Evan Rachel Wood

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    Short Haircut: Evan Rachel Wood

    Her hair used to be red and it used to be long. Those were the days when Evan Rachel Wood was still together with scandal rocker Marilyn Manson. Now she impresses with an entirely new hair style. Her short blonde pixie with the tousled, combed upward fringes gives the 23-year old actress a much more mature look. This is not to say that she does not also look very sexy. You can achieve this look as well: After washing and blow-drying your hair, work some styling crème through it. (Styling crème is not going to weigh down your hair.) Finally, pull your hair in shape using your fingers.

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