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Modern Hairstyles for Men

Modern Hairstyles for Men
Big, wild quiffs have recently grown in popularity for men's hairstyles.
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Men’s hairstyles, similar to fashion, go full circle in popularity. We’ve compiled a few of the current trendy hairstyles for men and help you create the looks at home.

  • Today’s hairstyles may be considered ‘retro’ rather than modern…What was old is new again. The quiffs of the 1950s and 1960s, the undercuts of the 1980s and the laissez-faire hairstyles of the 1990s don’t seem quite so ancient but more of a trendy, statement look.  

  • Modern Men Embrace Retro-Hairstyles

    Many men tend to re-invent the best of men’s hair fashions and look to the past for inspiration. Modern versions of yesteryear’s classic hairstyles are all the rage today. 

  • Modern Guys and the Trendsetters of Old

    Trendsetters like James Dean, Cary Grant, Elvis and Curt Cobain would hardly look outdated in today’s fashion magazines and would blend in with the stylish men of the 21st-century.

    We help you create striking hairstyles, which show your sense of style and keep you up-to-date with the latest men’s hair fashion. 

  • Gallery: Hairstyles of Modern Men

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Quiff

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: The Rockabilly Quiff

    The quiff was made popular in the 1950s. The hair needs to be cut short on the back and sides of the head, with a long piece of hair left on the crown of the head. This longer section of hair is styled upwards, creating volume and height. 


    Styling Tip: Use a hair dryer and comb the hair at the front of the head upwards to make the hair stand tall. Smooth the quiff with a small amount of hair wax and apply hairspray for extra hold.

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Quiff

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: The Casual Quiff

    Similar to the quiff mentioned before, the hair on top of the head is styled upwards. However, the causal quiff falls naturally to the side. This causal hairstyle works particularly well with a short, trimmed beard.


    Styling Tip: Using your fingertips give the casual quiff dimension and texture with hair wax.  

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Modern Crew Cut

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    Hairstyles of Today’s Men: The Modern Crew Cut

    This crew cut was popular in the 1980s, to create it yourself cut the hair at the side of the head using a razor (making the hair short but not shaven), leaving the hair on the top of the head longer.


    Styling Tip: The longer hair can be styled either upwards into a quiff, towards the back or swept sideways, creating a sophisticated look. Use a small amount of hair wax to add lustre to the hair. 

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: Gelled Hair

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: Gelled Hair and Side Parting

    For this style the hair on the side of the head is short and layered and the hair on top is left longer. Apply gel or hair wax to the hair and then create a straight side parting, combing the hair back. This look is perfect if you’re looking for an elegant style for a formal event. 


    Styling Tip: Apply hair gel before combing the hair backwards. You might also like to use dry shampoo to rid the hair of grease and create added texture. 

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: Long Hair

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: Casually Styled Long Hair

    For this rather young-looking style you will need shoulder-length hair, which is parted in the middle.


    Styling Tip: Wash the hair and create a short middle parting (when the hair is damp). Use your hands to shape the hair and allow it to dry naturally. You may want to work a little matte hair wax to accentuate a few hair strands.