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Hairstyles with a Fringe worn by Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Wearing Fringes
Heidi Klum looks great with her long fringe, whether her hair is free flowing or tied in a ponytail.
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Once again, Heidi Klum loves to experiment with her look and changes her hairstyle regularly, wearing wavy updos and elaborate braided styles as well as a fringe. She has grown and cut her fringe many times through the years and we take a look at how Heidi has styled her hair with a fringe on different occasions.

  • Close-Up of Heidi Klum’s Hairstyle with a Fringe

    Heidi Klum’s most recent fringe just covers her eyes, extending to her long eyelashes. Her fringe has been left uncut at the sides of her forehead, creating a smooth soft arc. She has curved her fringe over her forehead, creating a feminine, soft look. The rest of Heidi’s hair has been cut in layers, which softly frame her face whilst her blonde highlights create texture and movement in her hair.

    To add another dimension to her look, Heidi Klum often gathers her hair up into a ponytail. Whether the ponytail is sleek and elegant, casually styled, gathered high on the head or low at the neckline the fringe fits all styles and adds a sassy element to any look.

  • Heidi Klum Changes Her Look through the Years

  • Heidi Klum Wearing Fringes
    Left to right: on three separate occasions Heidi Klum wears a layered hairstyle with fringe.
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    Heidi Klums layered hairstyle with fringe has slightly changed over the years:

    In 2003, Heidi’s layers were very subtle in her straight hair. Her glossy, light blonde hair adds another dimension to her edgy look (left).

    In 2008, Heidi styled her hair with prominent layers. The layers have been blow-dried under to frame her face, giving her a soft, feminine appeal (middle).

    In 2014, Heidi styled her blonde layers facing outwards, creating definition and movement in her hair. Heidi combines her layered cut with a long fringe and honey blonde tones. This retro style reminds us of the typical hairstyles in the 1970s (right).