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Katy Perry’s Hair Colour and Hairstyle Choices

Katy Perry’s Hairstyles
The violet curls, pink updo, and black clavi-cut with fringes are but a small collection of Katy Perry’s creative hairstyles
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Katy Perry has just celebrated her 30th birthday! So naturally, we are going to look back at her best hairstyles over the years! Katy Perry is one to experiment with her appearance as it is part of being a singer and actress. Whatever hair colour or style she wears, her looks and smile are always beautiful, Katy Perry puts no limitations on her creativity!

  • Katy Perry’s Hairstyles
    Katy Perry showing off her beautiful black curls
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    In 2008, Katy Perry rose to international fame with her single 'I Kissed a Girl'. It was also her final good-bye to her brave image and gospel music. Born in California, the daughter of parents who found religion as Pentecostal pastors after a wild youth. The family has Portuguese, German, Irish, and English roots. As far as her looks and hairstyles are concerned, Katy Perry is always good for surprises. In recent years, she has changed ther hair to all shades of colours from blonde, to violet, to black. As excellent performer she knows how to adapt to her roles.

  • Katy Perry’s Hair Colour Creativity

  • Katy Perry’s Hairstyles
    Katy Perry is not afraid to colour her hair pink, blonde, blue and any other colour
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    Katy Perry’s hair colour changes almost as often as her hairstyle.

    Luminescent Pink (left photo): We can see Katy has playfully coloured her retro hairdo a glaring luminescent, not-to-be-overlooked pink.

    Naturally Looking Blonde (centre photo): When Katy Perry launched her fragrance in December 2011, she surprised wearing a feminine wavy bob in naturally looking blonde tones.

    Iridescent Blue (right photo): Katy achieved a special effect with the cobalt blue iridescent sheen of her elegant high updo.

  • Katy Perry’s Hairstyles
    Katy Perry shows her creativity blending multi-coloured hair elements into her dark hair
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    The artistic nature of the playful multi-coloured hair elements surprises and appeals. The complementary colours are carefully chosen as part of the focus hair elements.

    Dark Hair plus Two Artistically Used Colours (on the left): In 2012 Katy’s hairstyle made a splash! The greenish blue and red violet strands of colour are woven into braids, which merge with large bouncy waves.

    Strictly Styled Chignon with Colourful Ponytail (centre photo): 2012 also saw Katy wearing long silky hair extension to create the ponytail with dazzling strands of greenish blue and bluish pink hair.

    Casual and Playful (right photo): More recently, in June 2014, actress Katy Perry experimented with a perky undone bob. A few well-placed green strands of hair provide focus and create the casual playfulness of this wavy hairstyle.

  • Katy Perry’s Updos

  • Katy Perry’s Hairstyles
    All attention is on Katy Perry’s friendly fresh face whether she wears a glamorous, romantic or extravagant updo
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    Updos are among Katy Perry’s favourite hairdos. This is not surprising because they offer her a wide range of styling options. She loves to play to audiences and reinvents herself for her performances.

    Glamorous Katy (on the left): At the European premiere of her documentary in July of 2012, Katy Perry appeared wearing an extra-large chignon. A small golden hair band added elegance while catching the eye.

    Romantic Katy (centre photo): At an after-party in 2013, she delighted with a braided updo with a girlish flower crown.

    Katy, Sassy and Wild (on the right): Katy styled two chignons on top of her head into a 'Mickey Mouse' hairstyle with middle parting.