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One Star – Five Looks: Carey Mulligan

It happened fast for the British actress Carey Mulligan. No sooner had she appeared on the movie scene than she starred in one leading role after another. Her latest coup is following in the footsteps of the great Mia Farrow.  What is next? We can’t wait to find out! We also love to watch her find new ways to style her short hair

  • If you want to see Carey Mulligan wearing long hair you have to watch her movie 'Never Let Me Go', which opened in October 2010. The British actress loves to wear her hair cut short and has demonstrated many times how versatile short haircuts can be. Her versatility as an actress is even more impressive. Even her early movie 'An Education' earned her an Oscar nomination and several film festival awards. Right now, Carey Mulligan stars with Ryan Gosling in the action thriller 'Drive'. Afterward, she will continue her career starring in the remake of the legendary dramatic movie 'The Great Gatsby'. The stars in the original movie were the famous actors Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Take note musical fans! In 2012, Carey Mulligan will play Eliza Doolittle in the remake of 'My Fair Lady'. Hugh Grant is well in the running for the role of the gnarly Dr. Doolittle. What a treat it will be!

  • Carey Mulligan's Style

    Carey Mulligan’s haircut is simple but allows much versatility. At times she parts her hair in an exacting fashion and produces classy sleek looks with the help of much gloss. Her hair may be blonde or brunette and she may wear fringes today and her hair combed back or to the sides tomorrow. Carey does not even have a problem creating an updo. She certainly has the knack of proving the versatility of short haircuts.

  • Five Looks of Carey Mulligan


    Carey Mulligan - Look 1

    Carey Mulligan looks blonde and very ladylike here. At the British Independent Film Awards 2010 she appeared with pinned back hair


    Carey Mulligan - Look 2

    Carey Mulligan wears fringes as she poses for photographers at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2010. Her fringes emerge from the top of her head


    Carey Mulligan - Look 3

    Here, Carey Mulligan shows her best rascally smile at the New York screening of ‘Never Let Me Go’ in 2010. She has parted her blonde hair on her right side and does not hide darker roots


    Carey Mulligan - Look 4

    In November 2010 at the BAFTA Awards in Los Angeles, Carey Mulligan looks impressive with neatly combed hair kept orderly with styling crème


    Carey Mulligan - Look 5

    This too is Carey Mulligan. Her brunette boy cut is adorned with a delicate rhinestone Alice band

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