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One Star - Five Looks: Hilary Swank

US actress Hilary Swank masters the great drama in the movies as in real life. Her hair styles change from razor-short pixie haircuts to curly manes. The changing styles also tell us about Hilary Swank’s states of emotions

  • Women often make radical changes when personal relationships end. When the American actress separated from her allegedly drug-addicted spouse Chad Lowe in 2006 she soon changed her hair style from long to short hair. She surprised her fans with a fringed bob with blonde streaks and a year later even with a golden blonde pixie haircut. In short order followed a nougat-brown boy cut, a classic ash blonde pageboy haircut and then soft shoulder-length reddish waves.

    Finally, right in time for the opening of her new psychological thriller ‘The Resident’ on February 17, 2011, Hilary Swank appeared with a very romantic curly hair style. We are curious what stories Hilary’s hair will reveal in the future.

  • Hilary Swank: One Star, Five Looks


    Look 1: Hilary Swank

    Hilary Swank looks sweet with her blonde pixie hair style, which emphasises her brown eyes. In 2008 at the Trump Tower dedication in Dubai her looks attracted much attention.


    Look 2: Hilary Swank

    Within three months the pixie haircut grew out into a darker boy cut. Hilary Swank looks beautiful with the new haircut and new hair colour as well.


    Look 3: Hilary Swank

    In 2009 in Los Angeles, Hilary Swank’s streaked fringed hair looks pert and relaxed at the same time.


    Look 4: Hilary Swank

    Half a year later Hilary Swank wears her First Lady hair style. The hair is styled back to assist in the transition from blonde to the darker hair colour.


    Look 5: Hilary Swank

    This look is terrific for Hilary Swank. The soft casual waves, the gorgeous colour and the slightly bevelled side parting all created a beautiful impression at the Oscar Awards 2010.