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Victoria Beckham’s Beautiful Hairstyles from Pixie to Bob

Victoria Beckham with Different Hairstyles
Victoria Beckham wearing side-swept hair (2014), a wavy bob (2010) and a pixie haircut (2009).
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Victoria Beckham will celebrate her 40th birthday on 17th April 2014. This inspired us to look at her most intriguing hairstyles over the years. Victoria loves to experiment with her hair whether it’s the length, colour or style. Below we have had a look at the ever changing hairstyle of Victoria Beckham.  

  • Victoria Beckham is a model, designer and business women, who is always impeccably dressed and rarely seen without her high heels. Women all around the globe recognise Victoria for her distinct style and fashion forward hairstyles.

  • Victoria Beckham Wearing a Bob

  • Victoria Beckham with Different Hairstyles
    The bob is one of Victoria Beckham’s favourite hairstyles, whether her hair is blonde or brown the bob suits her perfectly (2007).
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    Victoria’s chin-long bob inspired many women to cut their hair shorter. Victoria Beckham modelled this hairstyle in several shades from brunette to Platinum blonde.

    In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert demonstrates how you can easily shape a bob after washing your hair.

  • Video: Styling Three Bob Versions

  • Victoria Beckham and her Pixie Hairstyle

  • Victoria Beckham with Different Hairstyles
    Victoria Beckham knows how to give even the shortest pixie a designer’s twist (2008).
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    Victoria’s pixie cut unleashed a world-wide trend with many women cutting their hair in a pixie cut. For quite a few years, Victoria kept her hair short and enjoyed experimenting with her parting, whether it was neatly to the side or tousled; creating a sassy look.

  • Victoria Beckham with Long Hair

  • Victoria Beckham with Different Hairstyles
    Versatility might as well be Victoria Beckham’s middle name. Here we see her with a low ponytail, an elegant updo and a side-swept country-girl braid (all photos from 2012).
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    Of course, long hair provides almost limitless opportunities for playful designers like Victoria Beckham. We love her low ponytail which she swept over her left shoulder as well as her elegant yet playful updo. The side-swept braid has a particularly playful note too. What hairstyle do you think Victoria Beckham will wear next?