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Kate Mara's Asymmetric Semi-Updo

Kate Mara's Asymmetric Semi-Updo
Kate Mara's graced the red carpet with an elegant, asymmetric updo composed of a chignon, side-swept curls and braids
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Actress Kate Mara was poised and elegant on the red carpet with her asymmetric semi-updo that combined different hairstyle elements for a modern twist on the classic chignon.  Read through our hair tutorial to find out how to style all these elements and to put them together one easy step at a time

  • Asymmetric Semi-Updo
    Kate Mara is fan of asymmetric semi-updos

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    Actress Kate Mara, whose credits include Brokeback Mountain and Shooter, is also known for her unique red hair and intriguing hairstyles.
In an interview, Kate Mara was asked what she considers her best attribute. "My hair", she spontaneously answered. Indeed, her red hair is quite remarkable and certainly increases her visibility in the line-up of Hollywood beauties. Her asymmetric updo was composed of a chignon, braids, and side-swept curls. Read on to find out how to create this beautiful hairstyle at home.

  • Tools for Styling the Asymmetric Semi-Updo

    Curling iron, heat protectant spray, comb, hair grips, hair tie, hair wax, hairspray

  • Styling the Asymmetric Semi-Updo with a Chignon and Braids:

    1. Apply heat protectant to the hair and create a straight side parting.

    2. Then, using a large-diameter curling iron, curl you hair starting at ear level

    3. Separate about a 2 inch wide strand of hair from the crown of your head and temporarily secure it out of the way (strand A).

    4. Starting at the parting, French-braid the side of the head with the majority of the hair, letting strands of hair fall loose as you go.

    5. Once you are done braiding, gather the hair into a casual ponytail at the side of your neck.

    6. Twist the ponytail until it forms a loose bun and secure with hidden hair grips.

    7. Pick up the temporarily pinned up strand A (see point 3) and allow the hair to fall over the braid you have just created.

    8. Finally, use hair wax to define the curls and apply hairspray to secure.