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Busy Philipps’ Braid Hairstyle

Busy Philipps’ Frisur
Busy Philipps loves to use simple style elements to add focus and interest to her hairstyle. Her delightful summer hairstyle is playful yet elegant
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Actress Busy Philipps’ bright outlook on life and sunny nature attracts the attention of everybody around her. The braided element in her blonde wavy hair fits her style and looks both playful and stylish. Learn how to create braids and make them part of your style repertoire

  • In the TV series ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Busy Philipps made a name for herself as quirky Audrey Lidell. Ten years later, she keeps us entertained in her role as Courtney Cox’s best friend in ‘Cougar Town’.

    Her parents gave her the nickname ‘Busy’ because she never seemed to stop moving even as a child. The nickname stuck. As an actress, mother and screenwriter she lives up to this name. Her energy is part of her cheerful and positive attitude. True to her nature, Busy Philipps prefers playful styles with plenty of accents and colour. Her hairstyles include braids, Alice bands and other accessories and colours her hair blonde or with an extreme two-tone look with darker hair near the roots.

    Right now, Busy Philipps likes to experiment with braided hairstyle elements. Her newest braided hairstyle features a deep side parting with a braid across the top of her forehead. She certainly has a knack for creating hairstyles which fit her look and personality. We can show how you can add this type of braid to your arsenal of hairstyling.

  • Tools to style Busy Philipps’ hairstyle with braid:

    Hair mousse, styling gel, hair slides, hairspray/extra-gloss hairspray

  • Busy Philipps’ Frisur
    Busy Philipps wearing a casual hairstyle with braid
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    Instructions to Style Busy Philipp’s Hairstyle with Braid

    1. Be sure to comb (detangle) your hair thoroughly before you start creating the braid. This will make braiding much easier because your hair will not get tangled up in knots in the process.

    2. Create a low side parting and apply styling mousse to the front section of your hair.

    3. Start braiding your hair close to the side parting and keep braiding it in a slanted line across the forehead and all the way to the hair ends. While you braid, keep gathering new sections of hair along the front hairline and add it into the braid.

    4. Secure the end of the braid near the hairline on the side or back of your head using hidden hair slides or clips. Allow the remaining hair to fall over the end of the braid.

    5. Apply hairspray on and along the braid for more hold. Extra-gloss hairspray provides shine to the rest of your hair.