Trendy Looks 2017

Hairstyle of the Month: Cheryl Cole's Extravagant Chignon

Singer and X Factor jury member Cheryl Cole styled her hair into a veritable work of art. Her high chignon is part beehive and mostly chignon. It is just the hairstyle to give even very plain outfits character and lofty elegance. It is also the ideal hairstyle for women who like to appear a little taller. As elaborate as the styling may appear, styling this high chignon takes only 10 minutes or less. It’s easy if you follow our step by step instructions

  • British recording artist and model Cheryl Cole stands only a little more than 5' 2" tall and loves to wear hairstyles, which make her appear taller without high heels. You too can style the high-volume chignon atop the crown of your head with ease.

  • Tools to style Cheryl Cole's high chignon:

    The most important feature of Cheryl Cole’s chignon is plenty of volume. For best results you should already start with a volumising shampoo. Styling tools are hair clips, volumising powder, hairspray, and a scrunchy

  • Styling Cheryl Cole's Chignon

    Work a tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse through your hair to provide it with enough structure. This will make it easier to style the extra-large chignon.

    1. Tightly gather your hair in a ponytail on the crown of your head. Be sure to gather the hair tautly.

    2. On one side, pull an about 1 ½ inch wide strand of hair out of the ponytail. This strand is styled later. Simply allow this strand to hang to the side.

    3. Slightly tease the ponytail using a comb. This creates additional volume, especially if you tease your hair in small strands and intermittently apply hairspray.

    4. Loosely roll up the ponytail and style it into a chignon. You may also use a chignon donut. Then secure the chignon with hairpins.

    5. Now pick up the initially separated 1 ½ inch wide strand of hair and braid it loosely. Secure the end of this braid with a scrunchy.

    6. Pluck the braid apart a bit to increase the casual fluffy nature of the style. It's alright if the hairstyle looks slightly undone.

    7. Place the braid around the front side of the chignon and secure it with hair clips.

    8. Finally, apply hairspray for more hold.