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Cobie Smulders’ Updo in a Few Simple Steps

Cobie Smulders’ Hairstyle
Cobie Smulders is a radiant beauty, wearing her hair with a side twirled element.
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Cobie Smulders shed a few tears when 'How I Met Your Mother' ended, in which she played the role of Robin Scherbatsky Jr. The actress has now moved onto blockbuster films, including The Avengers, The Lego Movie and most recently Captain America 2. We were intrigued by her hairstyle for the premiere of her new movie and loved her beautiful undone updo with side twist.

  • After nine years, the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ writers created the exciting final episode and brought one of the most successful TV series to an end. There are a few similarities between the life of Jacoba Francisca Maria 'Cobie' Smulders and the role she played in the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'. The Canadian actress, who started out as a model, masters the art of appealing to the opposite sex, with style and grace both in front of the camera and in her private life.

  • Fresh, Simple, and Endearing: The Side-swept Updo with Twirled Hair Element

  • Cobie Smulders’ Hairstyle
    Cobie Smulders looks gorgeous with this twirled, side-swept updo and natural makeup.
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    Cobie Smulders looked stunning at the opening of her film 'Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger'. Her hairstyle brought a breath of fresh air to the red carpet event. One side of her hair was carefully styled back and ended in a twirled structure along the neckline, while the other side was left undone in curls.

  • Tools Required to Style Cobie Smulders’ Updo

    To recreate this look you will need styling powder for manageability and bounce, hair grips to secure the updo, soufflé and hairspray for a glamorous finish and finally a comb.

  • Step by Step Instructions for the Creation of Cobie Smulders’ Hairstyle

    1. To help make your hair manageable, you will need to use styling powder. Sprinkle the powder into the roots of the hair, working it through with your fingers.

    2. Use your finger tips to add shape and give volume to your hair. Then use the tail comb to create a side parting (Cobie Smulders wears her parting on the right side of her head).

    3. Allow a 2 inch wide section of hair to hang down on one side of your head. Sweep the remaining hair towards the opposite side of your head, as if you were creating a ponytail close to your ear.

    Twist the larger section of hair along the neckline, working from one side of the head to the other, while maintaining some tension (this styling step is reminiscent of creating a twisted updo). Secure with hair grips as you twist.

    Continue twisting your hair until all the hair is incorporated (excluding the 2 inch section) and secure the end of the twist using a hidden hair grip. Don’t worry if the structure looks a little tousled, a few forgotten sections of hair only adds to the undone style.

    4. To add volume at the crown of your head, gently pull up the hair above the created asymmetric hair roll (be careful not to pull too hard).

    5. Use soufflé for added texture at the ends of the hair (left out of the hair twist). Finally, use hairspray for extra hold.

  • If you can’t wait to give this trendy undone look a try you might like to watch our video of Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach, as he shows you how to create this gorgeous look.

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