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Hairstyle of the Month – Dakota Johnson’s Artful Hairstyle

Dakota Johnson’s Hairstyle
Dakota Johnson looks fabulous with her sophisticated updo.
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Dakota Johnson has been cast to play the role of Anastasia Steele in the film ‘50 Shades of Grey’. This announcement has raised eyebrows amongst fans of the novel. Regardless, Dakota Johnson promotes the movie with class and elegance, wearing dazzling outfits and hairstyles.

  • Dakota is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. She is known as a model but landing the role in the film version of the fastest selling book of all time '50 Shades of Grey' will definitely project her into the spotlight. The novel and movie tells the story of a young literature student, Anastasia Steele, who falls in love with troubled billionaire Christian Grey.

    Actress Dakota Johnson started her acting career with minor roles in movies like 'The Social Network' and 'The Five Year Engagement'. Her career as a model has been more successful, appearing on magazine covers and working for  large fashion labels. Playing the lead role in the much anticipated movie rendition of a successful novel will open many doors for the young actress.

  • Dakota Johnson: Ready to Meet the Critics

  • Dakota Johnson’s Hairstyle
    Dakota Johnson likes to experiment with her appearance and has been seen sporting many different looks.
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    Dakota Johnson’s changes her look frequently. She has been seen to change her hair colour from blonde to brown, for a new role and switching her hair length from long to short. Her style may go from elegant to casual, emphasising her playful nature. At the 2013 LACMA Art & Film Gala in Los Angeles, Dakota Johnson appeared wearing a stylish French twist. We liked the way she incorporated braided and twirled hair elements in the classic hairstyle.

  • Tools Needed to Style the French Twist Shown by Dakota Johnson

  • French twists work well for people with long, thick hair. You can use volumising powder if your hair is fine or thin, to help give it the necessary thick appearance. To create this look you will need, a tail comb, hair grips, hairspray, and hair wax.

  • Step by Step Instructions to Create a Braided and Twirled French Twist

  • Dakota Johnson’s Hairstyle
    Dakota Johnson looks elegant yet playful with a braided and twirled French Twist.
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    1. Use volumising powder at the roots and massage into the hair to provide instant fullness.

    2. Divide the hair into two sections. The top half will be used to create the French braid and the other, lower half will be twirled upwards in a bun.

    3. Apply a little hair wax to the upper layer of the hair to help keep its smooth appearance. Then French braid the upper portion of hair, half-way to the neckline and secure the remaining hair with hair grips.

    4. Apply some more hair wax to the lower portion of hair before twirling it and folding it upwards to form a bun. Twirl the hair tightly to help keep it in place.

    5. Use the end of the twirled hair to hide the hair grips holding the end of the French braid. Use more hair grips to secure the twirled strand of hair.

    6. For long lasting hold use hairspray.

  • Video: How to Style a French Twist