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Star Hairstyle: Nikki Reed's Faux Bob

Faux Bob
Nikki Reed's faux bob looks good from any angle
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At first glance you may think that actress Nikki Reed has cut her long hair, however, taking a closer look will reveal that her hair is still long and the chin-long bob is a very attractive illusion. This is a good way to audition a shorter hairstyle without having to cut your hair. This make-believe bob can be created in just a few steps. Read through our tips below to find out how to achieve this look at home.

  • Nikki Reed is mostly known for her role as Rosalie Hale in Twilight films and has worn some extraordinary hairstyles. At a red-carpet event, the American actress, singer and author showed off her mock bob. It is the perfect hairstyle to add an air of glamour to a plain outfit or special flair to a festive event.

    The faux bob is a simple and effective choice whether you want to test out a new bob hairstyle before cutting your hair or add a touch of glamour to your look.

  • Tools to Style the Faux Bob as Shown by Nikki Reed

    Waves and a lot of volume give Nikki Reed's asymmetric faux bob a soft, playful note. Rolling your hair in curlers or using a curling iron is the best method to create the irregularly styled waves.

    You will need hair grips, volumising powder, and hairspray to create this hairstyle.

  • Styling Instructions for Nikki Reed's Faux Bob

  • Faux Bob
    Styling Nikki Reed's faux bob is not as intricate a task as you may imagine
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    Once you have added waves to your hair apply a little hairspray to make styling easier.

    1. Create a low side parting.

    2. Distribute a generous helping of volumising powder through your hair for ample structure and manageability.

    3. From the left side, separate a small section of hair down to ear level and temporarily tuck it out of the way. In the final step, this will be allowed to casually fall on the shoulder.

    4. On the opposite (right) side, separate a section of equal size and pull it back over the shoulder while twisting it close to the head to form a partial french twist or banana updo.

    5. Secure the partial banana updo with hair grips.

    6. Now loosely gather the rest of the hair and the end of the french twist updo in the neck to form a ponytail.

    7. Fold the ponytail inward and up, and secure the ends with bobby pins. The look should be casual, even a bit tousled.

    8. Some strands of hair may have escaped and stick out. Simply twist these strands into little spirals and secure these spirals with bobby pins.

    9. Loosen the section of hair from the left side, fold it inward and secure the ends with hair grips.

    10. Finally, apply hairspray to keep the hair in place.