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Hairstyle of the Month: Heidi Klum’s Divided Ponytail

Heidi Klum Wearing a Divided Ponytail
At the 2013 Emmy Awards, Heidi Klum took a twist on the classic ponytail by separating it into three sections.
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Heidi Klum manages her life and career with a lot of energy and a great sense of style. At the 2013 Emmy Awards she wore a creative divided ponytail. This hairstyle is practical but can also be easily turned into a creative evening hairstyle. We show you how it is done!

  • Heidi Klum was born in Germany in a town called Bergisch-Gladbach. She now calls the USA her home and became a US citizen in 2008. The secret of her success may be her creativity, combined with the discipline of a successful business woman. In her glamorous style, she attends and hosts many spectacular and small events like her traditional Halloween party.

  • Heidi Klum’s Hairstyles

    Heidi Klum embraces her hair trends and likes to experiment with different hairstyles. She has been seen sporting long bobs, layered haircuts and soft waves. She has also experimented with plain hairstyles like semi-updos, the wet look and sleek ponytail variations. Among her more elaborate hairstyles are the high-volume chignon, updos with twirled hair elements and retro style finger waves.  

    Heidi Klum should be proud of not only her unique ponytail at the 2013 Emmy Awards, but this year she also received one of the coveted trophies for her outstanding performance as moderator of the reality show ‘Project Runway’. It is her first Emmy Award, and she certainly looked the part in her glistening red gown and divided ash blonde ponytail. The simplicity of this hairstyle worked its magic. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to achieve this elegant, festive look.

  • Styling Tools to Create the Divided Ponytail:

    Styling mousse, 3 thin hair bands, hair grips, a comb, a tail comb, hairspray or extra gloss hairspray.

  • Instructions to Create Heidi Klum’s Divided Ponytail

    1. After shampooing, apply styling mousse to the hair and blow-dry it.

    2. Use a hair band to gather a top section of hair from above the forehead, the crown of your head and the side of your head above your ears, high at the back of your head. This will create the first ponytail.

    3. Tease the first part of the ponytail and use the comb to shape the first rounded section. Pull out a wide section of hair and wrap it around the hair band. A hidden hair grip secures the end of this section under the ponytail.

    4. Now gather the remaining hair into the second ponytail close to the neck line and secure. Slightly pull up the hair from the top ponytail to increase its volume and repeat step 3.

    5. Finally, wrap another hair band around the middle of your hair below the neck line. Again, slightly pull up the hair above the hair band to create more volume. Wrap a section of hair around the hair band to hide the bands. Hairspray will provide the necessary hold. Use extra-gloss hairspray to add more lustre to your hair.