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Kristen Stewart’s Braided Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyle
Kristen Stewart expresses her eclectic style on the red carpet, weaving most of her copper coloured hair into a trendy fishtail
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Kristen Stewart added a little spice to her look on the red carpet with a bold asymmetric wave and tousled fishtail braid. Her copper coloured hair with dark roots gives her style an edgy twist.

  • Kristen Stewart started her career by being spotted by a talent agent when she was performing in a school play. Since then, she has made her mark on Hollywood in her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga films, and going on to win further parts in 'Into the Wild', 'The Runaways', and 'Welcome to the Rileys'.

  • Kristen Stewart’s Style

    Kristen Stewart is known for her glamorous style at red carpet events. Her fashionable outfits and remarkable hairstyles show that Kristen Stewart is at ease with her appearance. Quite often, her choice of shoes is a surprise as she will happily wear loafers while dazzling in an evening gown. Away from the red carpet, Kristen Stewart prefers wearing casual clothing like T-shirts, jeans and hoodies.

  • Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyles

  • Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyle
    Actress Kristen Stewart likes to experiment with her appearance, previously being seen wearing a feminine semi-updo, beach waves and a layered retro-style haircut
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    Kristen Stewart experiments with her hair colour and style. Casual yet elegant, her look often stands out in the often extravagant Hollywood atmosphere. The hazel brown semi-updo (far left photo) pulls her hair away from her face for classic, feminine look. Dark brown beach waves (centre) give her a little wilder appearance while the layered retro-style haircut is part of her persona as Joan Jett in 'The Runaways' (right).

  • Kristen Stewart’s Casual Hairstyle with Herringbone Braid

  • Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyle
    Kristen Stewart styled her copper coloured hair with dark roots into a casual yet glamorous low ponytail, which is loosely woven into a messy fishtail braid. Creating a deep side parting, a large strand of hair falls across her face, ending in a curl
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    Actress Kristen Stewart coloured her hair a coppery-orange shade for her role in the action comedy 'American Ultra'.
    The darker roots make this style to her very own.

    The deep side parting is as messy as the fishtail braided ponytail. In contrast to this, the hair at the front of her head is styled into a glamorous wave ending in a curl over her shoulder. Her copper coloured hair adds an edgy touch and is reminiscent of the punk rock era.

  • Tools for styling Kristen Stewart’s hairdo:

    Volumising mousse, a hair tie, a curling iron and hairspray.

  • Styling Instructions for Kristen Stewart’s Hairdo

    1. Apply a tennis ball-sized amount of styling mousse into the hair ends for hold and manageability. (If you have shorter hair, reduce the amount of mousse as appropriate)

    2. Create a low side parting, gather the hair at the front of your head on one side and keep separate.

    3. Gather the rest of the hair at your neck and separate it into two strands of equal thickness. Hold one strand in each hand.

    4. Take the outer half of the left strand and pull it over to the inner side of the right strand.

    5. Now take the outer half of the right strand and pull it over to the inner side of the left strand.

    6. Keep weaving your hair this way until you reach the ends.

    7. Secure the end of the fishtail braid using a transparent hair tie.

    8. Loosen the outer parts of the braid for a casual appearance.

    9. With the fishtail braid done, take the hair that you separated out earlier and, using a curling iron, curl the ends.

    10. Apply hairspray for the necessary hold.

  • Makeup Tip: Contrast the casual hairstyle by applying your makeup with precision. Kristen Stewart decided on smokey eyes and nude lipstick for the red carpet.