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See and Style Miroslava Duma’s Faux Bob

The Hairstyle of Miroslava Duma
Miroslava Duma wears an undone faux bob with a middle parting
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Fashion consultant and blogger Miroslava Duma has joined the mid-length hairstyle trend and, as always, represents the face of modern fashion. Her faux bob shortens her long hair without needing to cut it.  Read on to learn how to easily style the faux bob as showcased by Miroslava Duma

  • Miroslava Duma may only be 5’ 4’’ tall but she certainly turns heads wherever she goes. People notice her because of her great sense of fashion and style. As a well-known fashion writer and the founder of Buro 24/7, she has already earned international recognition in the fashion industry at just 25 years old. Jokingly, the fashion media refer to her and her fashionista peers Elena Perminova and Ulyana Sergeenko as the "Russian Fashion Mafia". Her style brings excitement to the fashion world with her experimentation with different hairstyles and alternative hair accessories.

  • The Style of Miroslava Duma

  • The Hairstyle of Miroslava Duma
    Miroslava Duma makes fashion news whether she wears a peaked cap, a colourful head scarf or a low side parting
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    To be considered a fashion icon you need to be on the forefront of hair fashion trends. Right now, Miroslava’s faux bob fits right into the current long bob hairstyle trend. This 'It-Girl' does not have to follow trends to be noticed but the hairstyle simply suits her appearance and style. The make-believe bob is also a perfect reason for her to showcase stylish hair accessories. Fashion expert Miroslava Duma and her creations were well received during her attendance at the fashion shows in Paris.

    Edgy at the Chanel Show (left): She attended the show wearing a sassy peaked cap over her low undone ponytail.

    Traditional at the Stella McCartney Show (centre): She hints at her Russian homeland with the front hair swept across her forehead and peeking out from underneath the Babushka style head scarf.

    Classy at the Chloé Show (right): Miroslava Duma loves wearing a sleek long bob with a low side parting.

  • Miroslava Duma Wearing an Undone Faux Bob

  • The Hairstyle of Miroslava Duma
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    Admittedly, Miroslava Duma’s hair is not really very long as it just reaches her shoulders. However, there are times when a couple of inches in length can change the style. The trendy faux bob keeps gaining popularity this summer. Miroslava Duma used her turtleneck sweater to invent yet another bob version for the colder season. Styling this bob depends on wearing a suitable turtleneck sweater.

    Left: Miroslava Duma simply tucks her hair into the turtleneck collar to create the appearance of a faux bob

  • This faux bob is extremely simple to style: 

    Work a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse through your hair for increased manageability and hold.

    2. Use a styling comb to create an exact middle parting and comb your hair straight.

    3. Tuck your hair into the turtleneck collar for a make-believe bob.

    Tip: You can produce the same tucked-in bob using a scarf.

    4. For an undone look pull free a strand of hair at the front on both sides.