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Uma Thurman with this Month’s Hairstyle of Stars

Uma Thurman’s Hairstyle
Uma Thurman’s hairstyle combines waves, curls and French braids in her messy, yet elegant hairstyle.
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Uma Thurman recently dazzled at a film event with her curly/wavy hair, which she wore were loosely styled in a sophisticated ponytail teamed with interwoven French braids. If you’re interested in trying this soft yet elegant low ponytail, try our step-by-step instructions below.

  • Uma Thurman is a successful actress who was propelled into the spotlight with Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 big screen hit 'Pulp Fiction' as well as ‘Kill Bill' and 'Kill Bill II'. Aside from starring in memorable movies, she never fails to show her natural sense of style and charm on the red carpet.

  • Uma Thurman’s Hairstyles

  • Uma Thurman’s Hairstyle
    Uma Thurman is down to earth and likes to keeps her appearance casual.
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    Rarely if ever will we see Uma Thurman wearing extreme or austere hair styles as she has found her natural unconventional style.

  • Tools for Styling Uma Thurman’s Low Ponytail

    To recreate this look you will need: styling mousse for ample volume, curling tongs to create wild curls and waves, heat protectant to keep your hair well-protected and hairspray for perfect hold.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Uma Thurman’s Casual Low Ponytail

  • Uma Thurman’s Hairstyle
    Uma Thurman’s black hair ribbon creates a beautiful accent to the hairstyle.
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    1. Apply styling mousse to damp hair to give it volume and optimal manageability (this will make it easier to curl your hair). Apply heat protectant and then blow dry the hair.

    2. Wrap a small section of hair around the rod of your curling tong and wait for a moment to allow the curl to form. Release the section from the curling tong and allow it to cool. Continue curling the rest of your hair.

    3. Once you have curled all your hair, use your fingers to shape the small waves and curls. For extra hold apply hairspray to the waves/curls to keep their shape.  

    4. To achieve this look it is important the hair must has bounce from the roots upward, so apply volumising powder at the roots to create the required volume.

    5. For the braided hair element separate a section of hair from the side at the temple. Then use this section to create a small, very loose French braid.

    6. Repeat on the opposite side of your head.

    7. Finally, loosely gather the two braids and the rest of the hair in the back of your head below the neckline and tie together. Apply extra hairspray for lasting hold.

  • In his video, hair expert Armin Morbach shows us how to create marvellous curls using curling tongs.

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