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Hairstyle of the Month –Victoria Beckham’s Soft Curls

Victoria Beckham’s Elegant Curls
Style icon Victoria Beckham dazzles with her long shiny corkscrew curls.
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Aside from her business prowess, fashion designer, model, and singer Victoria Beckham Beckham is a business women, fashion designer, model and singer. She is fashion-forward and loves experimenting with her hair- above she is sporting an elegant, curly hairstyle. The simplicity of shows a lot of style. Here she shows one of her impressively elegant hairstyles. her Ssoft shiny corkscrew curls fall over her left shoulder. No superfluous style elements interrupt the flow of her hair. The simplicity enhances the beauty of her hair. Read on to learn howWe explain how  toyou can create this style.

  • Victoria Beckham grew up in Harlow/Essex but now travels around the world for business and pleasure. Between 1994 and 2000 she performed as a singer in the Spice Girls, where she was nicknamed ‘Posh Spice’.

    Today, Victoria Beckham runs a growing business as a designer and model, earning well-deserved accolades in the fashion world. She developed her style with clean simple lines and subdued colours. The classic yet modern 'Beckham' look is well-known in the fashion world. Her hairstyles tend to be as simple and beautiful as her fashion designs. The simple side-swept corkscrew curls is an excellent example of her beautiful style.

    Follow our step by step guide to create Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle.

  • Required styling tools to create Victoria Beckham’s corkscrew curls:

    To create Victoria’s silky side-swept look, your hair needs to be long enough to fall over one of your shoulders. You will need curling tongs to create the corkscrew curls and heat protectant. You may also like to use hair oil to smooth the hair and add shine. (For extra hold use hairspray).

  • Styling Guide for Creating Victoria Beckham’s Hairstyle

    1. Create a short side parting and comb your hair over one of your shoulders.

    2. Apply heat protectant spray to the lower half of your hair before using any heated styling tools.

    3. Divide your hair into medium-sized sections. Section by section, wind the lower half of your hair around the rod of the curling tong, leaving the hair for about five to ten seconds. (The top part of your hair should remain straight).

    4. Gently remove the curling tong from the section of your hair. (Curl the section again if you want an even tighter corkscrew curl).

    5. Use your fingers to shape the curls and place them over one of your shoulders. (Using your fingers rather than a comb or brush gives the elegant hairstyle a relaxed tone).

    6. Distribute a trace (!) of hair oil in the palms of your hands and apply the oil to your hair ends. As well as intensifying the lustre of your hair, hair oil can also provide extra care.

    7. For extra hold use a strong hairspray.