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Hairstyle Voting: Who Wears Blonde Hair the Best

Emma Roberts or Demi Lovato?

Black, brown or blonde, Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato are certainly stunningly beautiful. Recently, they both changed their hair colour from dark to blonde. The brilliant blonde hair colour is certainly attractive for both of them. Who would you appoint as Ambassador for new blondes, Emma Roberts or Demi Lovato? Does one of the two actresses pull off the blonde look better than the other? Please vote!

  • Meet the New Blondes: Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato
    Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato changed their hair colour from dark to light blonde. Let us know who you think looks best as a reinvented blonde.
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  • Blonde remains one of the most coveted hair colours. Blonde hair often conveys an impression of lightness, even if there are only a few streaks of it. The light colour softens and flatters the facial features while at the same time drawing attention to the face. A word of warning! Not everybody can pull off the blonde look. Blonde hair can also make your complexion appear pale and drab.

    Actress Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) and singer Demi Lovato decided to colour their dark hair a brilliant light blonde. Demi Lovato first made the step from dark rock-style to feminine blonde hair shortly before she attended a charity event. A year earlier, she surprised her fans with her new blonde look but quickly returned to wearing her natural dark-brown hair colour. How long will the colour change to blonde last this time?

    Emma Roberts is no newbie to blonde hair either. Her latest change to light blonde hair is yet another experiment in finding the perfect hair colour among the many blonde shades. This time, she also used hair extensions to go from shoulder-length to long hair in just a few hours.

    Does Emma Roberts or Demi Lovato wear the blonde hair just a tad better than the other? Please vote for your favourite new blonde.