Trendy Looks 2017

The Trendiest of Street Styles

Trends are not made in the brains of futurologists but grow up in the streets. This is certainly true for hair styles. After looking around in metropolitan places like Hamburg, Berlin and New York, we like to share our experience with you and show you the best metropolitan street styles.

  • Buenos Aires Street Styles through the Lens of Gunnar Hämmerle

    Gunnar Hämmerle in Buenos Aires

    We sent star blogger Gunnar Hämmerle to bring us some interesting photos of everyday people in the streets of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Of course, the focus was on exceptional and creative hair styles. Below, we share with you the best and the most exciting of the cool looks

    Buenos Aires Street Styles
  • Hair styles as seen in the streets of Reykjavik

    Street Styles as Seen in Reykjavik

    Schwarzkopf sent star blogger Gunnar Hämmerle of fame to Iceland’s capital where he attended the 'Reykjavik Fashion Festival'. While he was there, he also shot photos of interesting people with very cool, daring and stylish hairdos

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  • Street Styles of the Stars

    What style do stars prefer in private? Do they like to wear simple ponytails or sophisticated updos? Do some stars simply hide their hair under a hat? We have looked around and found the answers to these questions for you. In private, stars look pretty casual

    Stars in Private