Meet #generationcolour


Forget gen X, Y and Z and focus on #generationcolour - celebrating everyone living their best lives. With a colour for everyone, Schwarzkopf LIVE gives you the freedom, creativity and confidence to be bold, be bright, be you.

Offering a portfolio of permanent and semi-permanent shades, from banging brunettes to striking silver, whatever colour you feel reflects your personality and style, LIVE has a shade to match it. Created for women by women to give both existing fans and home hair colour newbies a nudge of confidence, #generationcolour is proof that no matter who you are, Schwarzkopf LIVE has the tools to help you be the best version of yourself.   

And where better to showcase the rainbow of shades on offer than in a show-stopping, colour-popping campaign? Spanning all ages and ethnicities, Schwarzkopf LIVE’s dazzling line-up features Charli Howard, Simone Powderly, Mickey Monroe, Charlotte Hole, Eimear Varian Barry and Irena Drezi with new stars for 2021: Priscilla Anyabu, Roxan and Maxine Heron. With each woman bringing to the table a unique life experience, whether it’s model and actress Mickey’s rose gold crop, mum of three Eimar’s metallic silver bob or body positive Simone’s cranberry curls, it shows that there isn’t anyone that Schwarzkopf LIVE doesn’t suit.

Enlivened, invigorated and living their best life, here’s what the #GenerationColour gang say about their hair hue. Plus, if reading what they say inspires you to share the love for your favourite LIVE Colour simply tag your picture on Instagram with #generationcolour and you could appear on the Live Colour grid alongside the stars of the show. Because at Schwarzkopf everyone’s an A-lister.

Maxine Heron @MaxineHeron - I am a leading light 


"I've always wondered about going blonde and this has been an amazing way to test the waters without straying too far from being a brunette. Here's to new beginnings with lighter times ahead - I've discovered a fresh confidence with this hair and am beyond excited to show it off to the world!"

Maxine is wearing Tempting Chocolate and Absolute Platinum. 

Roxan @rotriplex - I am a berry rebel 


“One of the ways I express myself to the world is through colour showing my identity! Not only does the name Raspberry Rebel sum up the colour loving woman I am, but the bright vibrant colour matches my personality too! I love it, it’s perfect!”

Roxan is wearing Raspberry Rebel.

Priscilla Anyabu @PriscillaAnyabu_ - I am a ray of sunshine 


“My hair is my expression. Each look and colour is a statement and when I’m wearing Mango Twist I’m bold and confident. One thing about me is that if my hair is not on point, I don’t feel on point!”

Priscilla is wearing Mango Twist.

Simone Powderly @simonepowderly – is always on fire

Simone Powderly

“It was a completely different look for me. The cranberry colour was fiery and good for textured hair and it shows that you can colour your hair without any damage. The colour reflects my inner personality – my nickname is Simba so it fits with my inner lioness.” 

Simone is wearing Cranberry Bliss.

Charlotte Hole @CH32 - I'm no Shrinking Violet 

Charlotte Hole

"I’ve always loved being bleach blonde so thought a pastel strip could mix it up a little - the pretty pastel lilac is a really gorgeous shade. I think it’s important to educate women that they can feel and look great expressing their personality through colour and that there is no age limit or restriction on body shapes and sizes.”

Charlotte is a brand ambassador for LIVE and even shows up on pack but this campaign she's rocking Max Blonde adding a Pretty Pastel strip using Lilac Crush to mix it up a little.

Eimear Varian Barry @eimearvarianbarry – Shaking up silver

Eimear Varian Barry

"I’ve gone silver a few times before and I loved it - it suits my current blonde and my style. It just makes me feel glam and when I feel glam, I feel even more confident. Nothing is forever and a colour change may just give you a new lease of life.” 

Eimear is wearing Steel Silver.

Irena Drezi @irenadrezi – Rockin' the blues

Irena Drezi

"I’ve always been adventurous with my hair and I’ve literally had every colour under the sun - pink, blonde, red you name it, but I’ve always wanted to try blue. It’s a great contrast for my skin tone and really brings out my features.” 

Irena is wearing Cosmic Blue and Electric Blue.

Mickey Monroe @mickeymonroexx - I am a wild rose


“The last time I had pink hair was when I was 16 and I was suspended from school for colouring it so it really appealed to me to go rose gold. I looked better and it brightened up my mood. I saw it as a bit of fun and we all need a bit of fun!” 

Mickey is wearing Rose Gold.

Charli Howard @charlihoward - Embracing her dark side 

Charli Howard

Charli is proud to embracing her dark side in the #generationcolour concept, celebrating all women, all ages, all body shapes, all hair textures. Charli uses our gorgeous Bitter Sweet Chocolate. 

There has never been a better time to express yourself and feel empowered so choose which Schwarzkopf LIVE shade you want to dive into and don’t forget to share the results. #generationcolour is all about you.

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