got2b | Roaring High

Sprayable Clay Constructor

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  • Roaring High Sprayable Clay Constructor offers a strong hold, perfect for thicker or layered styles. This handy spray is mess-free conveniance in a bottle, with a precise nozzle for extra control. Creating instant texture and definition with a sturdy hold, the matt finish gives a groomed but not overdone look.


    How to use:
    - Shake well before use
    - Use in short bursts on dry hair to sculpt and define your style


    Make it last:
    If nozzle clogs, run it under warm water and dry throughly before use. For the perfect result lock in place with got2b Blasting Freeze Spray.

  • Roaring High Texturizing Powder to Cream is a weightless formula to create extreme volume at ease. Plumping up hair, they provide the perfect structure for quiffs and flicks. Transforming from a powder to a cream in your fingertips this malleable and easy-to-move styler can be targeted to floppy roots or ends that require a roughed-up finish. With hold level 2, it provided medium hold without weighing your hair down.


    How to use:
    - Shake a small amount into your palm
    - Rub hands together until powder turns into cream
    - Work into dry hair for effortless body, structure and natural shine